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So that'll be available all around Chicago all summer long, and you have a few selective cans of that. Which means I better get this brute, which is really quite tasty. What do you think? Can it's very light very very delicious super cold, of course, because it's worked for jockey box. I wanted to warm up a little bit and released some hops. You know, it's it's got Good Hope flavor to me already. All right. I'm ready for a little rose eight. Do you have little Rosie? Is there any left in the? Man. She only can you go. This is the third year that we're certain tonight. Can this is called diamonds and pearls? It's a late hop double pale hazy. Does that mean that you brute it off eleven PM, and no, no, no? We brewed this with our friends over at Maplewood brewing, right? Yeah. That's good. Thank you. I wanna say have you save it for people? Who actually? Yeah. We've got a cool red. So late hall. Double pale ale means no hops in the car, so very low bitterness all the hops go in, you know, either world pool or dry, Hoppy. So it's all flavor and aroma. I'm I'm curious about the the concept that the brewery you guys each have your own breweries. So it's a shared burrowing space. We have to brew houses a thirty barrel and a seven barrel. So you triple turns on the thirty to fill up our ninety barrel from enters or we can do a single turn on the seven barrel and just do a nice little batch that will only ever be available at district regards either on the wall or in the in the the the coolers to go when you walk in. There's a cooler set where every beer that's brewed on site is canned and sold in four packs to go as well as being available in the taproom is this kind of an economic economics type of mood. Well, certainly there's advantages perspective for us. And that's a piece of it. The whole collective nature of it. And the being able to push off of each other. And learn from each other. That's another piece of it. There's tons of advantages for every day, you guys all there together. We're all. They're together. The real the biggest advantage of the whole thing though is doing this together. We can have we more fun toys that are and our fingertips than any one of us could have alone pooling resources way. More phone. Yeah. Absolutely. So you'll basically pool in your resources, but producing individual branded fears, we all have our own distributors. We all kind of go our separate way. Once it leaves the building. But inside vary arts, we're working team with the nine come from the district reverts, no around the bend around the bent will. We try to do is take classic styles and imbue them an experimental edge. Feel like it'd be keep trying to experimenting pushing things around. You never know what's around the bend. Well, I think I will certainly purchase your around the Ben imperial stout with what is it again black cherry or a little bit of dark cherry and gear deli duck. That's right. Garrett death, right? And it's gold lack forest Black Forest. That's right now when I I I thought I was going to get some coconut because doesn't Black Forest cake. Have coconut on it. Nets the German chocolate. Oh, the Germans kiss to answer. Chocolate desktop and well, okay. This this. Let's PA right. Yeah. I was just thinking this. Double pale double d PA. Believe it on on diamonds. I'm I think this is unique beer, I'm not tasted anything he points before eight point two. Yeah. That's okay. Little sneaky one any it would Maplewood. So, you know, couple of good pedigrees coming up there. Right over there. Thanks a lot. Thank you. I hope you have great success with rambling rose because was a song. Ramblin rows coupling come round. Okay. Never mind the MC five significantly faster. Mc five who the? Good rose whose him sue can do you know who the MC five? There've been several iterations at one of them rap type things MC five. No, I've never heard of proto punk band out of the late sixties protocol. Oh, wow. Okay. Choi cost me by Tasse, Detroit. I'm not I'm from Minnesota originally Minnesota. All right, cool, man, you know, and and the the next train guard by we'll say, thanks Jit is thank you. All. All this empty. Jank. Gay. But. Techniques. But these.

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