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Am here with the most beautiful osha keys and osha. An i missed in bali. Actually i've heard about her before actually measured and through a mutual friend of ours. Helen was like. Oh my god feel mito she'll over osha and i was like this girl and then we got to. How beautiful meal. And she prepared for us at her house and it was just so lovely to meet her and to connect with their learn more about her journey. I'm sure you'll just love this conversation that we have today and so we connected originally bali. But we're both not embody right now. Even though i think i would love to be. They're not sure he opened up. When i'm osa and tell us a little bit like how you officially introduce yourself. Yeah well thank you so much for having me such pleasure with connecting with you. Some currently in london uk. It's quite rainy outside. It's not quite spring yet Feels very much like my home. It's london has always been my spirit home. And i don't wanna go to a tropical country right now just this moment quite happy to be way. I am and in nodded lights. Introduce myself while transformational coach and i help people like deeply connect with themselves and understand where they actually really want not just what they think. They went and beheads but really. What is that sold bath. What kind of relationships. They want what environment they wanted. Livan and ben bridge that gap between where they are now and where they want to go want to be. Oh i love it. I love it. I think that that leads on so easily into the conversation of like did you just wake up and running and say this is what i wanna do. 'cause i don't think that's how it usually has worked for me like. How did you decide to get into the world of coaching in helping people with that work. Yeah that's a really good question. Actually i never wanted to be a coach. And i didn't choose this fat without close me and at the same time as long as i can remember myself in salads seven eight years old. I was always counseling. My friends in a group of friends with all this come to my house held hold circles. Women circles back in the day when we're just like twelve and we'd have tea and lemonade..

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