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Several years law enforcement officials tell us he was inspired by the islamic state group but did not have any contact with the group police say this bomb that went off was a low tech explosive device they're still trying to figure out how it was made the suspect was hurt taken to the hospital three others were injured and suffered ringing in the ears and headaches matt pipe or cbs news new york for last full day of campaigning in alabama tomorrow the voters will speak in a senate race would strong national headlines liz solidly republican state a democrat doug jones is hoping the pull off an upset this campaign at this moment is on the right side of history allegations of sexual misconduct against the republican roy more have turned this into a competitive race more his said from the start that the accusations are wrong i did not list any some republicans say they will not vote for more steve futterman cbs news montgomery alabama some of president trump's accusers are speaking out today rachel crooks used to work for him at trump tower as reception desk mr kemp repeatedly kiss my teeth and ultimately my lips in an encounter that has since impacted my life and she and other accusers say in light of revelations against others their stories need to be heard mr trump has dismissed all the allegations as groundless mary of italia stepping away from his restaurant empire following four accusations of sexual misconduct some dating back twenty years he says he's sorry and takes full responsibility the tally will also take a leave from abc tvs the chew fire officials trying to protect coastal neighborhoods in southern california cbs's jim yuka says the biggest of all the stay aides blazes threatens more real estate the thomas fire crossing county lines from been tora in santa barbara county nearly three hundred and sixty square miles of burned an area bigger the new york city sheriff bill brown this firelit has acted in a in and predictable manner it has been very rapidly moving officials are working to keep the fire for moving down a mountain rich in highly populated wealthy communities below with celebrity homes in its path the cold war fantasy the shape of water is hot the film has seven golden globe nominations jan on tv look on fishing but.

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