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Welcome to that any the live talk show dedicated to providing personal development by providing emotional healing through sharing you create a happy life today at talk with Jamila, Kip who's personal struggles as a single parent led to the birth of own nonprofit called it takes two founded on the six pillars of anti bullying financial literacy college and career, readiness youth, entrepreneurship community service and leadership as you may have guessed by now it takes to help school age children become prepared any quips for the future. Welcome Jamila, Kip. Thank you so much needed for having me today. Appreciate it. Thank you for coming out. So tell me what struggles as a single parent led you to take on the even bigger struggle of studying nonprofit, sure. So when it was time to send my son to kindergarten, and he's now fourteen he'll be fifteen in may. I couldn't afford to buy school supplies and food for the week. I was able to do it with some assistance from family in France. Now, you working fulltime job fulltime job. Yes. Day in and day out day in and day out nine five and five. Employed as a at the time, I was doing customer service, and I've been in the customer service industry for over fifteen years now, so you know, in an organization while we're the most important part of an organization, we're also kinda lease pain. Right as well. I'm so it was a struggle in like, I said, I was able to get it done with some assistance from friends and family, but it was at that time that got laid it on my heart that although you're struggling with this one thing you're going to help others who were struggling as well. And you know, your pain becomes your perp. It does it does. But almost talk myself out of it. I actually sat on the vision for two years before I did anything because an addition to working full-time being a mom. I son was in football running track in an started going back to school as well online. I was like, okay. Well, how do I fit now during this time period? How did God continue because a lot of people struggle with what their purpose is what am I supposed to do? What am I put here for? How did it continuously come back to you time after time it kept nagging on me, you know, when you're supposed to do something. And it's like do it. Do it. Do it. Do it just kept coming back in different ways and always had that feeling of wanting to give back in. That's just my servant's spirit that I have innately. So we just kept coming back. And then it finally just fell into place when my son's track coach at the time who's a lawyer. I shared the vision with her, and she helped us to get everything started, you know, at no cost it was pro Bono. And she found our paperwork. She helped to really structure get the business out of my head and put it on paper. So while it was a while it was a little bit. It was difficult getting it done. It was also in a way easy getting it done because you didn't have to find the good lawyer, right? God provide at one four you have -solutely. You didn't have to come up with the money for it. Because she saw the vision and provided the services pro Bono. Yes. So all of that is a part of your purpose unfolding. Yes. In where you know. Is the it's difficult to treasure the road. But at the same time the rule continues on absolutely his so it's the timing. And I'll tell any of my clients, it is a timing thing. God will drop the vision. But I believe in timing as well. So when it happened it was supposed to happen. I just took the leap of faith. And he's like, okay. I've given you this now is your turn is time for you to be obedient. So once I said, yes, that's when things started to fall in place. And we celebrate it seven years as past February seven years seven years. Yes. In service to students in families. And was there ever a time? When you were starting it that you just wanted to give. Yes. But was that land because it was overwhelming at first. And then I didn't quite know what I was doing. Although I'm educated now, I have a masters in nonprofit in association management. But when I started at it was like, okay, here's his vision. What am I supposed to do with it? Now, I have these raise my hand. Call to action now people are depending on me to show up. It was. Gary. And when people always say do it scared. So I started out by doing scared with the education with the experience. But the people that were brought in in our path to get things launched it helped to overcome it and being transparent, which is what I always am couple years ago actually fell into about a depression because I was giving giving giving giving giving we do the work that we do we have to make sure we are fulfilling ourselves in. You can't give from an empty Cup. Right. I was empty. So I got to a point where I was just like I don't know that I want to do this anymore. But I got over myself with there was there one thing within developing the nonprofit that was that biggest brick wall for you. It was the support or the lack there of an out. So anyone that had a list of ten people who are new we're going to support next to their name. I wrote down how they were going to support when we officially launched. No one showed up. But it was at that point that I had to quickly learn that this is not for everybody. This journey is not meant for everyone. So it was getting over that initial shock of not getting that level of support. Macgyver has brought us every single person that we have needed for this vision to grow so step-by-step, the lawyer showed up got all your paperwork done. What was the next up? The next step was actually putting it in motion finding your board. And at that time. I had no idea what that was about. I didn't know who they were supposed to be all I knew that we had a vision, and we need people to help get this vision. Because as a nonprofit, no one owns a nonprofit. So we have a governing body, which is the border directors. So I did go with my trust circle. But I was about my trust circle. They were all church members. But one was in HR the other one don't with young people in counseling in their innocence. And the other was in the school system. So I said perfect this. Who we need to get started. Six pillars that you started. With it started with one started with our twelve later that scholarship is a lot. It is it is it started strictly with our tools for success scholarship, which is a water to students that live in single parent homes in those scholarships pay for school supplies books. Uniforms academic in sports, registration fees, as well grades grades through fourth

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