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Simpson had fled. The investigators choked back the bitter taste of failure as they reported that the suspect was gone. Meanwhile they searched. OJ's home for any a clue about where he'd fled to hopefully he hadn't already gotten out of the country soon. They found a letter that suggested an even grimmer grammar conclusion it read. I can't believe what is being said. Most of it is totally made up. I know you have a job to do but but as a last wish please please please leave my children in peace. Their lives will be tough enough. I want to send my Lovin Kevin. Thanks to all my friends. I wish we had spent more time together as I leave. You'll be in my thoughts based on this text next the police could only conclude that Oj Simpson rather than face. Murder charges planned to kill himself. The team's disappointment point was palpable as they left the Simpson House that afternoon vanatter and Lang could feel success. Slipping through their fingers. The entire K ace had come together so easily. They had a wealth of evidence. A motive and a cooperative suspect. Now it seemed that Nicole Brown Simpson. MM Senator Ron. Goldman might never get justice. The thought was devastating. But they weren't going to give up yet. If there was one one benefit to having a celebrity as a person of interest it was that he was recognizable around two PM. LAPD commander David. GASCOYNE hosted a press conference he labeled OJ Simpson a wanted. Murder suspect an hour later. Her District Attorney Gil. Garcetti elaborated further. OJ was missing and as he put it. Nobody knows where he is. Both speakers warned that if anyone was found cooperating with the alleged killer there would be dire consequences in addition they each called for the public to contact the police with any information regarding. OJ's whereabouts the first tip came from OJ himself at at five fifty one PM. He called nine one one announcing his intentions to shoot himself in the head. He said I WANNA go with Nicole. That's all I WANNA do. That's all I've been trying to do while. Dispatchers tried to trace a location for the call other reports started pouring in witnesses had seen. OJ In the back seat of a white Ford Bronco. His friend and former teammate. LINEBACKER AL cowlings was was driving down the five freeway in Santa Ana. OJ had a gun to his own head within minutes. Several police cruisers were dispatched and the chase was on but the juice had built a career on amazing runs. uh-huh he had years of experience. sprinting down the field. Dodging defensive football players now. He applied that same kind of focus to his escape. It wasn't just the police who were closing in on. OJ As news got out that the celebrity was driving down the highway trying to escape the cops cops. Reporters converged on the scene choppers crisscrossed southwestern Los Angeles airing live broadcasts about the pursuit it. It was a Friday night but people around America sat at home glued to their TV sets. Ninety five million viewers watched as the the White Bronco merged from the five to the ninety one west leading the squad. Cars back towards Brentwood two out of every three television vision sets on at the time were tuned to the juices attempted escape. Los Angeles is infamous for its high speed speed police chases but OJ's drive played out in slow motion. The Bronco crawled along rarely exceeding thirty miles per hour. And the pursuing squad. Cars didn't WanNa pull to close or try to run him off the road. OJ still had. The gun's barrel pressed against his face and the risk that he might attempt suicide was too high instead they deflected traffic away from the road and followed him at a careful speed and cautious distance in an effort to bring things to a peaceful conclusion. Detective Lang connected to Oj. Simpson's cell cell phone at five fifty six. PM He talked to the suspect throughout the chase urging OJ to pull over and surrender. His is gone the juice meanwhile vacillated between threatening to harm himself and begging to be allowed to return home eager to keep the suspect suspect on the line and to deter him from firing Lang relented the cars would follow OJ to Rockingham Avenue and apprehend him in his own driveway. Finally after an hour and a half the Bronco merged onto the four. Oh five from there. It exited did into a familiar neighborhood. Brentwood while the police scrambled to chase. OJ safely fans recklessly. Hit the streets to cheer on their favorite football star. People poured out of their apartment complexes in houses crowding the residential blocks spectators waved handmade paper signs with hastily scrawled marker messages like we love the juice and save the juice just before eight PM. The Bronco pulled into OJ's driveway. Thanks to Los Angeles's long summer days. It was still bill. Bright outside and dozens of people flocked to watch the arrest while some officers strung up police tape and focused on crowd control others turned their attention to OJ himself who still sat in the car gun in hand refusing to step out for a tense. Our police negotiated with their suspect. He still have begun press to his chin. He still insisted that he the intended to kill himself. And detective vannatter wasn't willing to let his suspect escape trial even in death the sunset and finally under the relatively private cover of night. OJ climbed out of the Bronco perhaps ups that was what he'd been waiting for all along a way to surrender without the crowd. Seeing he was immediately disarmed and handcuffed coughed. When the police searched the bronco they found a passport nearly nine thousand dollars in cash and a fake beard clear evidence that Oj had planned to flee the country than adder and Lang once more breathed a sigh of relief that they'd managed to nab OJ before his escape? But they'd have no opportunity to celebrate the arrest. The highly publicized. OJ Simpson murder trial. Trial would prove to be lengthy stressful and grueling. The proceedings would completely alter public perception of the L. A. P. D. and Van Adar's and Lang's credibility as investigators forever. Thanks for listening to not guilty will be back Thursday with the trial of the century. Own J. Simpson's ten month long murder hearing not only did. OJ's case become a media sensation..

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