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If you will and that particular play actually you know we hit mike. You sticky earlier the game down the middle. I had a very good feeling with rodney Marinelli they're going to be playing tampa too so i had a very good feeling. They'd have a might linebacker and running with mike and key to save these. And if i could spend enough time staring. At mike i might. I just might have a chance to hit our single receiver down the sidelines and so rarely on drawing place alert to the happen. Exactly like you think they're going to happen My career and be a testament to that but this one did. They came out in the defense. We thought they were gonna come out. I keep to the left and then stared down mike and stepped up in the pocket and the safety on my left. All the sudden starts running towards mike. And i'm in the middle of this play like oh my goodness like this is really going to happen and we actually you know so. He completed the play flag. I had no idea that thrown at that it was completed. I just need my head. Almost got ripped off but the amazing thing about that play is like we needed those fifteen yard. Yes like to get into field goal range and It was just it was such a cool play was an amazing moment. You know kept our playoff hopes. Alive in that whole sequence after i went in going back and forth with car and the the different touchdowns things that many was just. It was a fun the end of the game so much fun. Probably not if you were raiders fan. But it was up until the very last nineteen seconds. If it's patrick can pull a trick out his loft colleagues at the forty one and you're playing cover to you've been playing it all night long. See the you see the facemask right there. But you're one of the greatest games regular season games. I can recall certainly. Yeah it was the end of it was wild and it was so much fun and then in true that i'm not gonna talk to the third person but just a just ryan absolutely not but like just you know my eye. Therere fits magic fashion to say he's going to stay in sticking the true form of my career i than test positive for coke. At like three days later he was ryan. Fitzpatrick reportedly test positive for cova. One thousand nine hundred taking him out of sunday's huge game against the buffalo bills. It's unexpected it's unknown. You never know what's going to happen. And in that case. I was just so shocked it was crazy. I didn't really want to believe it. But what a great high and truly amazing moment for me and my team in the season and for me my career to be followed up by the cova was just crazy the roller coaster metaphor ryan which has applied to all of the things you've described so far with us. i mean. does it feel fun to you. still the idea of the loop de loops. It's still amazing. It's so much fun for me in part of it is i'm an old man out there. I mean part of it. Is that like. I'm still playing a kid's game and for for whatever reason you know i feel great Mind body soul. Everything feels wonderful and that part is good but the other part. That's cool for me and it doesn't happen with a lot of. Nfl players is like i get to experience this with my kids. My kids are going to remember some of these moments. You know my kids are gonna remember going to all the home games the last few years and being able to experience all that with me and i just that part of it is something that really keeps me going. I'm truly trying to teach them lessons through some of the experiences that i have and for them to be old enough to experience them and see them I think that is really cool. Moment for me. My career right now ryan fitzpatrick in the midst of a career that you wrote in the dirt. Thank you for making this ride so much fun to watch. It's been saw now. I appreciate you spent cool. You might have been my first fan. You are the most valuable stock that i ever unknowingly bought facebook. That's bad that's bad. It really is honestly a i'm pablo tori and this has been espn daily. I'll try to profit off of our social media dystopia.

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