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To fit your lifestyle and your budget by shopping the one and only used cars Superstore Schwann Buick GMC Reward to last A lifetime. Schwab, you're TMC dot com Former conversation with Congressman Kelly Arms Well, he's doing a masterful job here of laying out the case against Measure three. But more importantly, peeling back the onion a little bit in the layer to see what's behind. What's what is this? Because again, this is a group of people who, you know, scour North Dakota saying, Do you want veterans? Do you want Teo Long Military to build a boat? Give them more time to vote when their overseas hello? Unbelievable Course we do. But they're playing game. What are they doing three or four different things on about measure and they only talk about one, which is a minor thing, which is which is without a doubt A solution in search of a problem. That's exactly what it is, but they think it's a good tagline. They're going to spend a lot of money on it in North Dakota. They had some success two years ago on on the ethics measure, and they're going to continue to do this every two years. Because here's the bottom line, it costs less money to change the Constitution in North Dakota than it does to be on air in a city like San Francisco for a weekend. And that is that is the world we live in. That is the that is the world we live in. So out of state groups have figured out that they could They get a very good return on their investment. If they can come into North Dakota and get these measures passed. And they're not doing it because they like the way it's governed right now. So this is the game. They come to North Dakota because they can they can accomplish their goals here. Big checks written elsewhere. Just part of their grand plan. They're always a step ahead. But it only works when you signed our petitions to change the Constitution, and ultimately, it gets passed. It's a lie. Right, Kelly. They lie about who they are, and they lie, and they lied to people while they were gathering the signatures, and that's not me saying it. I mean they were getting these counters that they don't talk about the other things that are in the measure. One should ask themselves that question. I think that has the best. I think that's been the effect in places where it's existed. And by the way, this isn't always a Democrat versus Republican issues. Cities who have done this nut Nonpartisan elections and local communities who want to decide to do that. That's up to them. But it has that effect, but I think really, what it is is doing and I think I mean in the state of purpose and follow the money of the people to donate to this and then look at the other things they don't know. It is about taking away North Dakota business and North Dakota communities to support and deal with their candidates and mean taking all of those types of influences, which they hate. So bad. I mean, we're going to talk. I'm assuming about Fischer Industries. Later, Democrats called for me to return. Return the donation to a company from my hometown. That's the type of thing they want. They want to take that part of the equation out of it. I would rather get 25 checks from Fargo, North Dakota than I mean, and from people. I said, people that support me and you've known me my whole life. Whether it's Fargo, whether it's Dickinson or whatever, and they want to take that influence out of Yes. You just need to know what's happening here. Buying this seems like Kelly's doing a great job. We need more to. AH, more light, more sunshine, more disinfectant. Really on this whole measure three effort. It's I wish we didn't have to take the time to do it. They lied to get the signatures but doesn't look like there's a lot to do other than defeated at the ballot box. Come November. Can't have Kelly here and not talk about the Dakota access pipeline if it would shut down. What would that mean? Well, if they shut down the pipeline in North Dakota, it's going to fundamentally alter the state budget and fundamentally altered the oil patch in the entire state for a very significant period of time. You know, we've had a lot of conversations with people about during the last oil boom about trucks on the road to many rail cars on the rails prior to having pipeline access code access pipeline moose, 40% of the oil out of North Dakota. And the best case scenario, If this thing is shut down is that we have more trucks on the road and more railcars on the rails. Worst case scenario is we just the companies have no incentive. Tio restart these wells and deal with that, And this is not just the Dickinson issue. This is not an oil company issue. This is not a Watford City issue. Anybody in North Dakota? Who cares about public services, social services, school funding, Fargo diversion. Flood protection should care very much about this because on August 6th, even with this stay, I mean, we have a lot of companies that don't know where they're going to sell 40% of the oil that comes out of North Dakota. Think about that that again dramatic impact. Ah, lot of work was done to get Riggs in place and get things ramp back up with $40 oil. Did that stop dead in his tracks. Based on this decision, I think we're down to either 10 or nine rigs operating in North Dakota and one frak crew right now, and there's a lot of different things in play. There's pre covert problems. There were obviously the cove. It has had a lot of effect with that, but we have to also remember this. We're not just competing against low oil prices. There are not a lot of companies that drill into shale rock. They mean there just aren't I think they're drilling budgets in the next couple of years are probably gonna be a little smaller than they were in the last couple of years, given what's going on in the entire industry and if they if they have uncertainty and how they're going to transport their oil and there and what the discount on that oil is going to be. We're not just competing against that we're competing about where they're going to spend their capital to drill. And that means competing with the Permian. I mean, I love my friends from Texas, but I'd rather we were drilling oil wells here. Kelly Armstrong. We also talked about the fissure industries and the Roll. I talked a little about that yesterday as well. And Kelly, of course, because he's from Dickinson because he's friends with Tommy Fisher than the Democrats Love to play the game. Are you going to turn back your donation? Now that you got from him? Because, you know It is so ridiculous. I want Democrats to sign a petition that says if they're ever elected, they'll never lift a finger for anybody in North Dakota. They'll never helping North Kyoto business get more business. Who in their right mind is know what you send members of Congress their You know, it's unbelievable the standard that they expect people to live do it really, really is, but appreciate Kelly appreciate more of the conversation. The whole thing will put up. Scotty on Facebook page, a zealous what's on your mind Facebook page links on Twitter as well. So you can hear more of that because we have much more of that conversation on the program. Thanks in part to our friends in part Well, they are former flying sponsors, but we have many, and we think H Thompson and sons. We encourage you to check out their website. Http and sons Dot com What you could do to take care of airborne viruses from spreading in your home or business? What? What things Aaron Place Water.

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