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Yes. Absolutely. And this is what people who say, you know, you don't think there will then the whole criminal decimal. Exactly, there's sort of confusing and confounding issue. They are because you murder someone you made a. Choice to do it. You made a choice wasn't free. Will. That's my argument. You're honored. Sure. You're going to jail forever. Why? Because we need to make sure that others who also don't have free will have their sub mines condition that if you commit murder, you go to jail forever or you die depending on what state you're in. And whatever your beliefs are on the death penalty. And so as a result that deterrent reconditioned, the unconscious then allows different decisions to me. So my feeling on on free will is that is actually much more nuanced. These sub mine's actually have their own free will and they feed it up, and it's conditioned by our downward input. So what comes out is a consensus decision. And so in a way, yes, we are kind of in charge who decide decide to be around. If I hang out with Peter. I'm going to be better for it. If I hang out with, you know, Charles Manson, I'm probably gonna come with some shitty. Stupid ideas. If I fall into a Facebook whole, we're all I'm looking at is all left or all right or center, I'm gonna miss I'm going to be conditioned in a way that may be more productive. So those things matter there are consequences. We should hold them. When I do the show about blaming. I say it's your fault that your kid is obese. My secret reason for doing that. It's not that. I actually think they're to blame. It's that somebody will watch that and go, I never wait. What I've been giving Dr Pepper in the thing. Like, it's my what do you mean? And they and they just something clicks. And they go, wait. So that I'm not supposed to do that. Okay. I'm I'm gonna do something different. So it's a way of influencing. Now, it may not work. So blame may not work. There's some data that it doesn't and looking at hospital errors just culture is one of these like blamed free kind of scenario her some data that people will hide and they won't come out. And admit airs, if they fear retribution whereas in a environment where we're trying to make the system better it could change. So again, it's a gaming this bigger system. Totally unrelated in medicine. Did you guys do Eminem all the time? Okay. I was the presenting party in Eminem at least once and that's morbidity and mortality. So it's really funny. I remember the first this is totally off topic. But just what you said about the coming out one of the things I miss the most about being in an academic medical center is Eminem. So the morbidity mortality conference. And so as well just explain I assume it's the same surgery as it is in medicine what we would do is every Tuesday morning at six AM. There is no exception to this rule. Like there was nothing that would get in the way of this conference. All the surgeons the residents, fellows the attending. Everybody would meet in a room and all of the complications. So the morbidity is permitted mortality the morbidity. And then they all the deaths. The mortalities would be presented, and it was a very unemotional conference. So I would stand up there. And I would say Mr Smith was a forty seven year old man who came to the emergency room on such and such day presenting of left, lower quadrant. Pain we suspected diverticulitis global took him to the OR did this and then owned by the way, he had a pulmonary embolism and died six days later. Okay. And so you just unemotionally present the facts, and then comes the process. Okay. Let's start with the basics was subcu-. Heparin was. Yep. Walking. Did. He. Have a, hyper state. Did you do this? Did you do this? Did you do this? And I've never been afraid of speaking in public with maybe one exception that was a very difficult conference to present at. But by the time, you were presenting I e by the time, you were senior enough to be the one to stand up there and present you had seen the beauty of it in the benefit of it. Which is at hurts. There's no denying it. I mean, it's it's a rectal exam without any lubrication. But there's benefit you see this..

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