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Ones up on the Bishop Ford you are solid now from 103rd to 130th crashing the two left lanes. So if you're familiar with the Bishop Ford, that means only the right lane is open, looking at 30 minutes to get to 80 coming off the Dan Ryan about his caper free at 15. But you aren't so bad on 57 headed out. If you want to save some time coming out of the Ryan split, you could just hop on 57. That's 18. Versus 30 it takes you on the Ford. Eden's Not bad. About 23. Either way, Kennedy out 12 de Montrose, but 10 in the express, or at least to save 2 31 to O'Hare about his 40 0 hair into the chamber and 27 off the Edens. Had an early crash on the oven. Eisenhower in Ashland is still causing the brake lights here, 46 from 3 90 28 from Mannheim. Output on the I 30 back to Mannheim, 43 23 90 up on Stephenson, 36 to the Tri State 46 2 veterans about his 41 from 3 55 27 from 2 94 85 aslo where you seem to always be slow these days. It's an ongoing Idot Bridge deck repair project 55 both ways and arson. Which leaves you one lane. Up on on the Ryan About 40. Ah, lot of that delay is filtering onto the outbound side of the Bishop Ford due to the crash there and bought on the Ryan is 27 57 out again, just about 20 so that they're still saving time versus the out bomb. Bishop Ford crash up on Lake Shore Drive, though at Oakwood Boulevard Sounds like it's just been towed off the roadway there so that DeLay should start Tio ese. North bone on the drive. Delay Free south on Tri State Backing down. I won 92. The Bensenville Bridge. Next traffic aboard 3 38 NewsRadio 7 81 of 5.9 FM, sun and Clouds low humidity overall pleasant Today High in the low eighties upper seventies lakefront tonight range between 60 and 67 of the warmer tomorrow with a high of.

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