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The law This is WTO P news. It's for 15. I'm Stephanie gaines Bryant. Thanks for being with us. A prince George's county man dances his way to the Kennedy Center. Alan Maryland native says one of his lifetime goals was to dance at the Kennedy Center in Washington. It will be a dream come true for me. Brian Bennett is a company artist with the Joffrey ballet. So on the 5th we're doing Anna karenina, which is a book written by Tolstoy. And it was adapted into a ballet. Bennett says working with the Chicago based premiere ballet company is a lifetime opportunity. The kid being from Landon coming and being able to share the stage with people from Japan and Brazil and Italy and Spain is going to be one for the books in my life. To find out more, go to WTO P dot com. A new national women's history museum exhibit is now open at the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial library in northwest. We who believe in freedom, black feminist D.C., tells the stories of 20 plus black feminist activists who fought for civil rights and equality in the district, including Mary treadwell and Dorothy height. It will be on display through the middle of September 2024 to learn more about it, go to WTO P dot com. Springtime is traditionally a hot season for the real estate market. In this year could be an interesting one for both buyers and sellers. The market is changing in our region. For buyers, they entered the year thinking that they were going to have the upper hand. But now they've got to be braced for competition. Corey burr is a senior VP with TTR Sotheby's international real estate. And that means going out and seeing new listings immediately and making sure that they've got all their loan situation taken care of. As for sellers. They've got to be very cognizant not to be too aggressive on their list prices. So if you are looking to buy in the D.C. metro area, we won't see the incredible returns that we've seen the last three years, but that for the long-term health of the market is going to be exactly what's needed. Melissa Howell, WTO news. It's not only younger folks looking to reevaluate their work life balance after the pandemic. According to a new AARP report, 6 in ten workers older than 50 are reprioritizing how their jobs fit into their lives. One way this is being done according to U.S. news and World Report is through taking their years of experience into new fields that appeal to them and that are more age friendly

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