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Saying she was in a take you in gunnar on a date oh please be true irazari palese think as really her yes her verify thing oh you're so cool it was major zeh okay forget calling this podcast makes by favors yet we are babies again bella hadid is breaking at were we best bet lobbied and she's busy i mean like she hardly seems like she has five minutes to do anything so to take time to write your message no she has seven minutes because she said that she just watched seven minutes of knee running through the airport and having a meltdown and now she break so why did she watch what dark day so much positive every day maybe she also arches other days hey that wasn't the first time said added me says the first day i thing oh shit usually this pouty seeking pouty let's get into my podcast beef will not by cast beef facebook group beef so on my pouty airport day which was very dramatic because everyone back story yeah super interesting also if you're listening so i was so honored that mtv was flying me to see us the key to host the live reunion show with the cast of their superstars hashtag siesta key and they booked me in a first class flight and i was feeling very famous there was american and there's a delay and i was like i need to make my flight its first class now you may you may get an iran for my life i eight miles and they close the gate and they're like oh we can put you on the next flight guess what next flight all we have is rooms coach and not like the front coach what's out or you get extra food.

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