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See what's going on around the world let's get some. Headlines from Bloomberg's Mr Michael Barr Mr. Barr thank you Pam thank you Tom President Trump tweeted this morning so the fake news doesn't waste my time with dumb questions no I did not know of the meeting with. My son Don Jr. he's talking. About President Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen who reportedly, is. Saying that he was in the room when the president learned about the June. Twenty sixteen Trump Tower, meeting with Russians offering information about Hillary. Clinton CNN reports Cohen will testify before federal investigators the idea of impeaching deputy attorney general. Rod Rosenstein is not sitting well with Paul Ryan the Republican House, speaker says he does not support the move by some house conservatives a. Judge says a Texas man's affair with North Carolina man's wife should cost him nearly nine million dollars according to the herald sun of Durham they report that the judge awarded Chief king eight point eight million in compensatory and punitive damages from. The man, he sued North Carolina is one of the few states where jilted spouses can sue a fear partners global news twenty four hours a day on at tick tock on Twitter powered by more than. Twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more. Than one hundred twenty countries I'm Michael Barr this, is Bloomberg. Tim thank. You, very much, Michael Barr all right let's get. You caught up on what's happening with markets right now as. We, see the s. and p. five hundred is up just a point let's go to Karen Moskow for Bloomberg. Business flash Karen yeah and p little change this morning Pam watching the dollar as editor depths and treasuries bear gaining after data showed the US economy expanded at a pace just shy of economists estimates in the second. Quarter we check the markets every. Fifteen minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg again, the. S. and p. five hundred up about a point to twenty eight thirty eight. Dow Jones industrial average, up two tenths percent or thirty eight. Points at twenty five thousand five hundred sixty two NASDAQ little changed up less than a. Tenth of a percent or four Or points to seventy eight fifty seven ten. Year treasury up six thirty seconds yield two point nine five percent yield on the two year two point six seven percents NYMEX crude oil down four tenths percent. Tim and, Tom Karen thanks so much the south portico the White House walking out of the double doors the secretary Treasury Secretary of commerce as well as other parts of the ministration Mike Mike, Mulvaney Dr Larry cudlow president's council of. Economic advisers security walking out now on a no doubt summer Friday in Washington not the teat that we're seeing in London but nevertheless very very hot so the administration they just did that to fool you by the, way they opened the doors all. The, advisors came out but the president still remains inside he remains inside but nevertheless I'll be honest it's been. Three, and four quarters up they've got a lot to cheer about when you, look at the vector when you look at the lineup and I should point up, him the vast majority of our guest stuff that they. Say, it's a one off but they just don't see sustainability, well as long as they are worried concerned or, anxious, that should, be. Good for stock. Market Patel said much again the, doors opening here in the south. Portico here walk into the left, turn the president of the United States with Vice president Pence.

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