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On the massacre in las vegas jimmy kimmel choked up as he opened his show last night on abc here we are our again in the aftermath of another terrible inexplicable shocking and painful tragedy this i'm in las vegas which happens to be by hoped doubt police say the shooter steven paddock had 23 guns in his mandalay bay hotel room including semi automatic rifles that may have been converted into fully automatic ones for more on that we turned to wbz's been parker good morning bill good morning josh the weather juice to carry out the attack from a 30second floor of the mandalay bay created carnage in a short period of time though the investigation into those weapons contagious former atf aged thomas hearns says a fully automatic weapon can create carnage wood fired into a large crowd you have a a crowd of twenty two thousand people standing shoulder to shoulder if is it becomes very very deadly also you really don't have to have any kind of marksman shipped skills uh you're just randomly firing into a crowd of her and also says there are kits available that could change a semiautomatic rifle into one that he is fully automatic and ask for talk about tighter gun controls the white house responded press secretary sarah sanders says it is premature to talk about any policy changes or laying blame on organizations like the nra so soon after the attack josh all right thank you very much to bbc's ben parker on capitol hill congressman joe kennedy is among the democrats urging congress to act on gun control especially after what happened in las vegas he spoke yesterday with wbz's mary blake we keep doing nothing to stop it and you can't beat the price it happened began with an incident at between fifteen minute and how somebody could act at again at at at alone shooter inder 500 people in 10 minute downing it horrifying and at a certain point i think we have to ask ourselves by if vicar the type of rick we are willing to quit our fellow neighbors fellow american at by saying if you go to a free concert you have to be aware of the fact that it might happen and we don't and we shouldn't and that's not a threat or a a fear that we should have to.

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