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Of children. Pain. Wow, dynamite. And how does any reasonable person argue with that more text flowing in five seven seven three nine sturdy D A N, Dan, did you notice that none of the joint chiefs stood or clapped except for when Trump recognized to Childers special guest? I wonder what's up with that? Rick rick. I think that's standard protocol. And someone will correct me if I'm wrong and I liked that protocol whether it's a democrat or Republican state of the union. I don't think the chiefs should be involved in the political piece of it. And I would bet Rick though, we didn't see the camera on him often. The same was true for the supreme court justices. I don't think they should be standing for anything other than the guests. Boy, Neil Gorsuch was looking good wasn't. He he was looking like Hollywood, handsome, boy, so impressive so impressive. And and it was great to see Brett Kavanagh Justice cabinet. I said should say, Justice course itch. He looked like a new, man. I mean think about what he was under the last time we saw him in public all of those. Unsupported allegations going right to the core of his being and he just looked forty years younger last night. Great to see and all of a sudden, Dan, all the Democrats on Capitol Hill. They wanna wait for all the facts and evidence to come out on Justin Fairfax Virginia, and I do too because and Ryan obviously referring to the Lieutenant governor of Virginia this sex assault allegation against him. And I don't know whether he's innocent or guilty. But I think he should be presumed innocent. I think it is outrageous that the Washington Post ran the details of the allegation, which are brutal forcing a woman physically overpowering a woman and forcing her to commit a sex act on you. Brutal allegations should never ever be published unless and until in my opinion, unless it's a juvenile accuser unless and until the accuser is willing to come forward, or there has been some significant independent corroboration, none of which existed here. And I am not saying that the woman is lying. I'm just talking about fundamental fairness in America. So I think what the Washington posted to this. Lieutenant governor democrat Lieutenant governor of Virginia happens to be African American is awful. And I understand that he messed up, and he claimed falsely that the post had not printed the story because it found inconsistencies in her story. He shouldn't have said that that's false. But I don't think that justifies the post doing what he did. And by the way of referring to Ryan's point attorney general Mark Sharon democrat of Virginia acknowledged Wednesday that he put on black face were a wig while an undergrad at the university of Virginia in nineteen eighty impersonating. The rap. Kurtis blow. All I've got to say is is first of all nobody could blame any African American in this nation. Anybody who cares about African Americans in this nation, which is the vast majority of us nobody could blame anybody for being deeply offended by that. But at the same time the idea that that he would now have to resign over that to me would be wrong. I think it should trigger a close look at his life and his body of work and has he behaved in life as a racist. I think that's probably highly unlikely has he behaved in life as a person who respects people, you know, regardless of skin color. I think that's more likely, but judge the man on his body of work five seven seven three nine D A N texting more popular than calling probably because you're trying to stay alive on the roads today. And I'm glad you are Danny hit it out of the park. It was indeed a fantastic speech and a beautiful sight twelve. Said Dan, my grandma was standing and clapping at home. She had some not so nice words about Nancy. Those words.

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