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San Francisco Oakland San Jose Diego Naval Base on board the amphibious assault ship Bonham Rashard Fox's Christina Coleman reports. Several sailors are being treated for a variety of injuries were getting more details. Multiple agencies are working this blaze right now, San Diego's fire and rescue says all personnel was accounted for, as they were getting ready to clear this area. This three alarm fire was reported just before 9 a.m. local time. At the naval base here in San Diego. 11 sailors and all were sent to the hospital with minor injuries. Foul play is not suspected, but the fire may have been sparked by a welding incident. Despite surging numbers of new Corona virus cases, the Trump administration continues to push for schools to reopen this fall. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. The point is that kids have got to get back to school, and we can't do that safely and every community every school can look at what their actual physical circumstances are and figure out ways to do this safely. President Trump has threatened the whole back funding to schools that don't open. After Tom Angles bees with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. I think issuing an ultimatum for schools opening is the wrong approach. I think Guiding schools and helping schools with financial support and encouraging schools to follow CDC guidance and state health department. Guidance is the right way to go both angles being divorced on Fox News Sunday. Meanwhile, Florida today reporting 15,300 new Corona virus cases. That's the largest number of new daily cases of any state since a pandemic began. America is listening to Fox News..

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