DOW, Interest Rates, Alan Greenspan discussed on The Opening Bell with Steve Grzanich


In in a were were going to bump the uh the cost of those by fifteen twenty percent so what it means for consumers is that our goods and service of goods especially will cost more uh if we put those trade sanctions on in what gets lost in that is every country has the ability of put tariffs on their own goods uh in what it does is it raises the prices of a lot of that the the goal of trade certainly is is to be efficient so if you're good at something in and i'm good at something else a trade helps us out so i can focus on what on best stat in trade with others to get those goods and services that i need any impact to is gate of blow but certainly on the dollar and other currencies i it's not a bad thing necessarily for a multinationals to have a weaker dollar if our dollar is weaker our goods are cheaper and makes him a more by 'able if you will overseas so weaker dollars in our best interest however for consumers a weaker dollar means the cost of all those foreign goods has increased in value so that can be inflationary and that something it were a little bit concerned about not right now but may be six months a year year and a half down the road if it were to continue because the dow has been significantly weaker here in the last six to nine months herself in the trump administration seemed to suggest that there are more tires coming on other things it didn't expand on what that could be in their many the can be another word that a trade war if one develops could be the thing that knocks the stock mark get off its off its in it is in nets one of the things that you know one of analysts drought can draw parallels between today in 1987 so the the market are as strong as it is uh in the month of january it's been the best month since 1987 in 1987 we saw interest rates rise uh there was a new man at the helm of the fed at the time alan greenspan we saw dour actually at that point strengthen consistently through the year and that impart led to along with uh the the different of toys if you will on wall street dow the protection of.

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