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Emergency. I'm Anne Cates. The Federal Aviation Administration has issued a statement that it is continuing to monitor the Boeing seven thirty-seven max eight after its involvement in a second deadly crash, but has no plans right now to ground it correspondent David McKenzie says more than forty other nations have pulled the jet out of service as a precaution. China Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, if yo- Pierre the Caymans Mongolia, discharge it that's just a partial list of all of those countries and airliners that have grounded this brand new type of play. The Senate will vote later this week on a house resolution blocking President Trump's declaration of a nationally -mergency to get a border wall belt. Correspondent Phil Mattingly reports the White House is trying to stop anymore. GOP defections vote is coming whether Republicans like it or not it's scheduled for Thursday. They have to because of the clock they're on. And at this point in time. I'm told anywhere between ten and fifteen Republicans could break with the president on his central issue. Hugh the wall because of the mechanism he's using to try and fund it the big question now is can the White House. Do anything over the course of the next forty eight hours to try and tamp that doubt members of congress continue to debate the possibility of impeachment house speaker Nancy Pelosi created quite a stir on Capitol Hill this week when she said she doesn't believe congress should pursue impeachment. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy echoes those words from Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi is smart to say that there should be an impeachment because there's no grounds to do it. There's plenty of ground says democratic Representative Brad Sherman violated section fifteen twelve thirty three of the criminal code when he threatened Komi in order to protect Flynn. And that he says is just for starters. Linda Kenyon, Capitol Hill a mixed performance today. On Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average fell ninety six points, the SMP closed up eight the NASDAQ gained thirty three..

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