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Translates like paradise. Okay. So to me, I was just what the trap there are there's great quarterbacks available. Patrick Mahomes is the clear number one option. But so who did you go within Mike after he took home Kareem hunt? Okay. So here's what's fun. After all my time homes, you fell into my trap and Mike took Kareem hunt. I thought I'm going to take tyreek hill and your what let's make this crazy interesting. I took Travis Kelsey you score score. So Andy's not gonna win as we have all this receiving options. No, you're just all you're receiving options are notified I took James Connor and Matt Berita after. Well, it looks like hitman took Phelan I did. And then I took Brita in Connor back to back in these prime time games. Yeah. Feeling look everything points to having a monster game. Th the New England Patriots. It's tough. It's tough sledding for them against slot wide receivers these days, and the only has dense with him is the fact that you we talked about Bill uncle Bill. It's pretty good at figuring out how to show your number one option down. I just don't know if you can shut down Adam feeling. All right. Jason you I was done with my wide receiver slash tight end. So now, I've got to decide between running backs or quarterback. And I have my start of the week in Chris Carson back on my roster. And I'm gonna put Josh Adams out there at home with the twenty two carries last week. So my running backs are full Mike also took echo or before you took those two picks. I went ahead with Mike took Antonio. Brown, and then I took juju. And Josh, Gordon is my wideouts. Mike, you're on the clock. Yeah. And what a world we live in where we're doing this this draft with limited games, and Andy, and I grab intoning Brandon juju in the fourth round. I finished up my team with Kirk cousins soy of that cream or a Kirk cousins, Adam Phelan stack. So my team is cousins cream hunt. Austin cler Adam feel in in Tonio Brown. I grabbed my start of the week at quarterback as well. Russell Wilson stacking with Chris Carson, Josh Adams, tyreek hill and Travis Kelsey. So I got to Seahawks and to chiefs interesting Pam homes map breed James Connor juju Smith Schuster, and then I went Josh, Gordon. All right for a big gambler with Josh Gordon versus taking the chance was fun digs the potential. He could miss the game. Yeah. We also want.

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