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He wanted to know. If yoko ono and john lennon had his money the money he had demanded in the he sent back november. John and yoko got this letter right. Of course it. So where was his hundred grand. He wanted to know. December ninth was the date they were supposed to get them the hundred grand and now it was fifteen minutes december tenth. They were late. Where was the money yoko stalled. Of course she knew about the letter. The letter was written by people claiming to be the puerto rican independence movement. They described themselves as terrorists and took responsibility for explosions in several major cities in the us. Even though they didn't site specific incidents they bemoaned money problems within the organization and thus we're hoping to solve said money problems by extorting. One of new york's most rich and famous couples. That letter had set. Yoga's anxiety on eleven. As new yorkers didn't already have enough to fear in nineteen seventy seven. The city was still recovering from the shocking murders at the forty four. Caliber killer aka. The son of sam had committed putting every borough on high alert during one of the hottest summers on record. The letter brought that powerless. Feeling of fear. Right back as well as the feeling of paranoia. The same feeling that yoko and john regularly experienced at the start of the decade when federal agents were monitoring their every move the self-described terrorist letter had demanded that john and yoko leave one hundred thousand dollars in a quote unquote strong package in the lobby of the dakota. The letter gave john and yoko nine days to get the money together. December ninth and of. John and yoko didn't do as the letter instructed. The would be extortionists. Threatened to kidnap or even kill one of them. Were they go after. John yoko sean. It was crystal clear that these people weren't above kidnapping a two year old. John brought the letter to the fbi which he knew was more than a bit ironic given the fact that he and the fbi had been mortal enemies just a few years earlier. The feds agreed to help and tapped john. And yoga's phone again ironic. Given the last time the feds tapped the couple's phone. It was to build a case against them. Undercover agents went to work the dakota the feds posted armed guards. They arranged to get the requested. Hundred grand rolled it up a newspaper and left in the lobby of the dakota on december. Night thus instructed. The feds had enough agents haunting the place that when the so-called puerto rican independence movement came to collect there would be easily tracked and apprehended in. John and yoko could put this harrowing experience behind them in stop fearing for the life of their toddler son but no one ever came to claim. The money hours went by soon. The feds were concerned that the money might be accidentally taken by someone else who wasn't even involved in the shakedown so they took the money. Back can remain vigilant later. That night is. Yoko received the call. They were late where it was. The money go tried to explain that the money had been prepared for them as requested but seeing nobody ever picked it up it took it back for safekeeping. The caller got impatient. You've made a big mistake. He said right before he hung yoga hoped in vain. That the whole thing would just go away. It didn't or we glitter another letter arrived at the coda. This particular letter informed john and yoko that back on december nine is the day that the money was do. Twenty eight members of the puerto rican independence movement had surrounded the dakota building around eleven. In the evening there were all armed to ensure they had proper backup while they sent him a man to collect the quote unquote strong package from the lobby. There were expecting an ambush from the police. But of course there was no ambush and there was also no strong package of money. The puerto rican independence movement were disappointed in the wealthy celebrities they were trying to extort and they told john and yoko so in the letters that followed the fbi continued their surveillance. Nothing out of the ordinary happens. And they ran latent prints from the envelopes and paper and their lab. No matches as weeks turned into months and the letters and phone calls stopped. The fbi eventually decided. The john and yoko were no longer any danger. The feds wondered if there ever was any danger at all. John and yoko weren't sure if they should take the american government's reassurances at face value seeing is how this was the same government that spent an incredible amount of man. Hours in taxpayer dollars in the nineteen seventies trying to deport a beetle for promoting peace. So their feelings of true safety came and went because this was new york city. It didn't sleep anything went. You.

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