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Those boys more like a mother a sister. She's holding their hand when they were. And it looks like she tried to shield them. A little bit angles spoke to WR TV the driver of the pickup that hit the children. Twenty four year old Eliza shepherd is charged with three counts of reckless homicide among other charges. Police said she ignored the school bus. Stop arm and flashing lights. The child who survived an eleven year old boy has had three surgeries so far. Mike Crausser NewsRadio on one point nine FM charter schools in Chicago are facing a potential strike. Teachers for the Sarah charter school network and voted to authorize their union reps to call a strike. If no contract deal can be worked out with the charter school company, fifteen schools and nearly eight thousand students would be affected. The teachers are represented by Cheyenne ACS division of the Chicago teachers union, we're Jesse Shirke is president class. Teachers we deserve the same pay benefits to Purdue equal work from across the rest of this. In a message to parents, the Acero charter network says it's disappointed in the strike authorization vote and that the network is working on contingency plans. Should there be a walkout Bernie NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM? Researchers at Mount Sinai hospital in New York have been examining the effect of certain drugs taken during pregnancy. Expectant mothers who take antidepressants and anti psychotic drugs are no more likely to have autistic babies than those who don't take such medications. The health of the woman is key says head researcher Magdalena Yemen Netscape health at seems to Mike morals a difference than medications should take extreme pregnancy. More than one hundred eighty drugs were included in the study on that SCA says these findings must be validated by other researchers before any solid conclusions or arrived at Gary Nunn. CBS news special counsel's office has asked the F B I to investigate a possible campaign to tarnish our reputation last week the Russia election meddling investigation team learned of allegation. Several women were offered money to make smear claims about Robert Mueller. The claims story was sent to if you journalists and bloggers nature of the claims not disclosed, but there were suggestions Republican operative Jack Berkman was involved. But he tells CBS news he never paid anyone to make allegations Berkman says he will have a news conference tomorrow with one woman who claims that Muller sexually assaulted her eight years ago, Gary Nunn, CBS news and American coal company is facing an overseas per Colombian. Authorities are focusing on irregular payments allegedly made by Alabama based Drummond company to a contractor who was convicted in two thousand thirteen of killing two union leaders who worked at Drummond, the tempo newspaper reports eight Drummond executives will be summoned to explain the unusually high payments Drummond is not the first US corporation to be accused of financing paramilitary groups in two thousand seven Cincinnati-based Akita Brands International pleaded guilty to paying right wing militias. But Chiquita claimed it was extorted and paid out of fear to avoid violent retaliation. I Mike Rossier? Nasa is announcing the death of its elite planet hunting Kepler space telescope Kepler. Got it start almost ten years ago. Liftoff of the delta two rocket with Kepler on a search for planets like our own Kepler discovered. Two thousand six hundred eighty one planets outside our solar system and even more potential candidates in two thousand twelve Nastas. John Johnson says before Kepler this wouldn't be possible. Only example of a solar system was our own. Now, we know a thousands. And so we have this great, galactic perspective. Kepler also unveiled incredible super earth planets bigger than earth, but smaller than Neptune. It went well past its expected lifetime and had been running low on fuel for months. I'm Ed Donahue, eight nonprofit company says it's excited to move ahead with its plan to build a giant telescope on a mountain in Hawaii. Now that the state supreme court is upheld its construction permit the group behind the thirty meter telescope project says they need to. Work out. Details about when building will resume. Protesters blocked the road to the mountain during previous attempts, traffic and weather together and some low gas prices coming up next to BBB news time, one thirty six Chicago's might get you know, I fly all of the country for business, and I got sick and tired of the endless travel hassles..

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