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You yes i would choose a glazed donuts for myself peeled shrimp shrimp cocktail for mike and hotdogs just because that's what down yesterday but i'm consuming large slices i'm not doing zones on i okay so you can do what is his twenty four inch extralarge slices ten inch pizzas so these these are the ones that he's consumed joey now he doesn't hold any pizza record what about shrimp records i heard shrimp he does hold the shrimp cocktail record the shrimp cocktail is from saint elmo's in very cocktail we all know it's main delicacy arguably the best in the country now he consumed fifteen pounds of shrimp cocktail in eight minutes that's not right that's awful that's freaking terrible yeah now off now does he include the sauce do we know that was any tartar involved well i mean look at cheating is that by the way said it performance enhancing eating contest you get to you know wash it down with whatever yeah to dip it in yeah you hit the button that's for the buns right for the buns yeah but you can also kind of wash down you've got to wash down glazed doughnuts for myself he owns he owns joy the glazed doughnut record fifty five glaze doughnuts and eight minutes you couldn't do that no chance there's no way shrimp fifteen pounds not a chance mike can't do that eight minutes now that's insane now the pizza jeffrey esper holds the record eighty three slices of pizza and ten minutes and minutes on are we missing we'll take phone calls we're missing what what they would prefer to what would you do with what would you do if you had to be in a competitive eating contest what would you choose should we put other on their no don't put other you're not into the.

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