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Louis teams I understand of team. Yeah. You're gonna have a lot of you're right bay area, San Fran and Oakland your toe in San Jose into that mix. More teams extra team you got that many more than the win. I know, but it's still trying to watch hockey. And I'm listening to you. Because there's Boston the sharks. You know? On a stone cold run now that's legit. Victor they only have one of each team and patriots win championships and the Red Sox win World Series. And something's have been in the mix. And Bruins looked like they got a chance for a Cup. So you're right. You wanna point specific finger. I live in right day, you I'm not pointing specific I'm asking you. Why just seems that way to me it's the same? And I attempted to give you my answer. I don't know that either agree with or preciado at or acknowledged it you're overstating it as if the only areas would know you went bay area when Chicago you in Pittsburgh you went and you started rattling several towns. Now, there's only so many championships year talking about the four majors at four in a five year period, that's only twenty championships. So if you got him cared between six or seven plays. Well, let's not bad bad someplace get a little hot win one or two. You win a bunch in a short period of time. Yes, it's kind of above and beyond the only one that I'm that. I say is outstanding or stands out above and beyond comprehension. Shen the Boston in the last twelve months 'cause you get the Red Sox winning the World Series something they done frequently enough since the turn into century once they put the reverse the curse thing on Babe Ruth. Yeah. Ever since I've been pretty damn good at wedding championships. Patriots have been phenomenal because of Bocek and Brady and everything else. Boston on a good run. The Celtics got the one championship with Pearson, Rondeau, and Garnett and rayon. But that was it. If you talking purely championships now about a couple of runs couple nights playoff teams, not suffering seasons. Like other towns have but they've only got one championship and the Bruins one. They're on their way to a potentially second in the last ten twelve years or so, but it isn't like they gone on a run like the patriots at Red Sox. Boston's had a good. I'll I'll agree with you. San Fran had the giants. Get the every other year thing going for a while. And now, they're in the midst of this warrior dominant phase forty nine that one deadly in a while you're going to give them San Jose make San Jose hockey team there in the Western Conference finals didn't make the Stanley Cup. Final jet. So I don't think San Fran has had it his go to Boston as Chicago mix in a couple of championships. They had a cubs finally got off to Schneide bulls haven't done much since MJ packed it in. What are the bulls won not site? They overstating it a little bit other than Boston. Yeah. Right now, Boston is the hot sports down in all of sports. Nobody's going to argue that can keep it up with the Bruins. We'll find out what good just Kobo update their keep an eye on the NBA for you and take the call straight through to the end of the show moms I've been off for an all day at least a third if not. Four-time? I've specifically requested one mom all I'm asking for is. What are you telling me? No mothers. Listen to the show, not one. All right. So you're eating you. Put the fork down excuses from the table, you tell the fam- you'll be back in a couple of minutes. You gotta go call Jodi MAC, it's not that hard. I wanna with one person. I don't wanna have to Darwin Zilk happy mother's day. Okay. I want real mom on the line. Although he is a mother eight five five two one two four two two seven. Join amac. Coming back when at least one mom in the final phone segment. We will have a MAC. Daddy tweeted today, that's a promise. But right now as promised update with Darwin. Sports play. Jody. I'll take that. As a compliment. This report sponsored by Lowe's now at Lowe's, select hanging baskets too for ten dollars. Valid through may fifteenth. See store for details. US only excludes Alaska and Hawaii quite a fourth quarter shaping up in Denver game seven nuggets blazers in a tight one eleven minutes to go in the fourth the nuggets in front seventy two to seventy one volt team struggling behind the are combining to go three thirty to the blazers. One for nineteen Denver to thirteen to color yoga leading Denver with twenty one point CJ McCollum twenty nine for the blazers following this game. We had north of the border the raptors in Sixers battling out in Toronto for right to go to the Eastern Conference finals Toronto's that are Markelle soul. Reflective ahead of game. Seven growing news is not always on your term grow. Whether you know, you like how's it going, you go your way or not, that's you know, with Rothe Mant, especially things go your way that you show your growth other NBA news videos been released showing Mavericks center. Kristaps Porzingis in his native Lafayette standing outside a club with blood on his face, then a ripped shirt this weekend. Yes. ESPN the Mavericks. Understanding of these several. Fought back broke up..

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