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No. And it doesn't seem that there's any accountability or discipline coming from the NCAA. So Florida is playing by the rules when maybe other schools aren't. And I think that might set them at a disadvantage when it comes to nail, but I think the money is there with the gator collective. And the gator guard, I think the money is there, Florida has a great fan base, a large fan base of boosters and alumni. So I think Florida should do well in the NIL era. And I think the starting to being a little outclassed right now by some others though. Nick de la Torre joining us here from Gators online, Braden Gaul in for Paul and the Paul find bomb show and what's interesting is schools and resources and how they allocate those resources from now on. It used to be you had to have the slide and the fancy facility in the 5 resort and the 200 foot waterfall. I'm curious because Florida's kind of in the middle of reinvesting some of their money in building some stuff. They've got the outdoor the indoor practice facility finally in the state of Florida. That seems irrational how long it took to get that thing up and running. But just in general, do you think we are entering a period where we're not building as many buildings and we're spending a lot more money on players directly or do you still think there's lots of spending coming on facilities? Well, Florida is getting ready to spend in the hundreds of millions to do some renovations to bent home Griffin stadium that has been in the works for years now, but I wonder as Florida is ready to open up their football stand-alone facility. I wonder, hey, it's probably needed. You need to have that, but and it's overdue, but is that where it's going now? Like everyone else has that Clemson has a Georgia has the Alabama. All the schools are recruiting against habits. So it's kind of like just keeping up with the Joneses you needed it, but I wonder if we're moving in an area where these kids are going to be making a business decision, hey, cool, that recording studio in the barbershop and the chocolate water fountain are nice. But how much money am I going to get? While I'm in school, what are my, what's my exposure going to be? How are you going to help my social media brand? And I think it's already happening. I think it will happen even more. The mindset of recruits are changing to, oh, how much fun is it going to be in this cool facility to what's the best business deal for me to make? That's all great and everything that I've got that chocolate waterfall. But can you just give me the money, please? How much money are you spending on chocolate? Why is that not going into my pocket? Exactly, exactly. Nick de la Tori. Thank you so much, man. Really appreciate it. Gators online. Thank you, dude. Have a good one. Absolutely. Nick de la Torre there from Gators online, go check them out at de la Torre on the Twitter machine there as well. Lots of time for your phone calls here. Load them up. We got calls ready to go. 855-242-7285. You guys are next, brayden Gaul in for Paul.

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