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Let's start by going west of the Rockies Nancy is in is that my pronouncing or low media California yeah I don't know where that is it's over by Redondo Beach tolerant Sampedro that I know yeah cool so welcome aid so open lines you get us started tonight we're going to take us well I remember you talking about a ghost ship yes and I fell asleep I couldn't hear the rest of it she yeah so that's another good reason to have you know coast insider you can always go back and listen to the shows you fall asleep and not really mean that because that's a good thing and and that that you don't I don't know that everybody is aware of how much on the outer edge coast was when it began to offer originally this is probably when you were just a young girl Nancy but that you know originally we answer we we offered to the shows on cassette tape and on the back of the of our regular after dark newsletter that was a list to the video of the audio tape you could order on cassette but that was specifically for people that just like this you know you it would you put in the middle of the show you might fall asleep you want to go back and listen to it so you could always order those that's how long we've been doing this and then we were pretty early to the idea of an internet platform which yeah I'm very proud of it it really if you a lot of other shows it took another five or six years before they caught up with where we were on coast to coast it's one of our many innovations I think we can be proud of but you know there are letters you know like you put out the letters every day Sir and I looked in my archives and then I couldn't find that show and I just want to know how it how it turned out yeah well I don't I I'm not sure if there was a definitive answer for how it turned out that because we've covered ghost ships ghost trains the and and then ghost at one point I believe we talked about ghost cars but either this so this is a seven that's come up a few times on coast to coast I'd have to look more specifically back at that one show so it means I'll be using my coast inside her password an upbeat looking it up and I'll try to get back to maybe we'll have that author back on again sometimes I do that all right and then I'll send you some no does so this time you can stay throughout the whole night little coffee thank you Nancy have a great night look a wildcard line where Joe is in Mississippi on coast to coast Joe Hey brother Ian how are you tonight great open lines yes Sir I was on hold last time you're on the air as it builds good night the guy was busy eating dinner in that box member.

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