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Eight deposit products provided by jp morgan chase bank in a member fdic back to three days to sunday the a super bowl fifty two scot graeme here in minneapolis along with my co host mike holmgren tonight to get you ready for the philadelphia eagles emma to england patriots and we are joined now by a philadelphia eagles icon ron ju war ski is our guest right now just great to see in it's great to be your scott a especially with the coach man odd burana on a i don't only learn something that i it's all good he said you've got an opportunity here to to kind of dust off the eagle's jacket another opportunity be back at a super bowl iii in franchise history you of course report of the forget it seems like about every fifteen years i could put this eagle sweater on at the super bowl you'd also lease or getting that opportunity but the august one seems a little bit different there's there's kind of a a real positive feel all round the football team they're playing their best football gms coach knows you wanna be playing your best into the biggest game and it was a clean game last weekend supply kings in every phase offense just precision defense shutting the vikings down follow up by that game two weeks ago against atlanta where they played solid football so right now the eagles are feeling good about themselves and they gotta be feeling good about going after a good maybe great new england team iran you played the position sorta i coach the position and doug peterson had a situation this year he had this young quarterback who is really a great player and then he gets hurt and you got to bring in the other quarterback nichols for the most important games of the year put your coaching had on just for second you know both quarterbacks very well what a gesture how would you have to look at that you know it it's it's kind of its i as i look at a tape and i'm kind of one of those football walks you i watched the game on tv and i can't wait to monday morning too actually see what happened on the all twenty two it i don't think dog really changed the game play a.

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