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Impose were all off like just did everything a little too slow didn't understand why some great guitar playing though nice yeah i have to watch the film i have never seen it yeah it's never seen the movie ever seen the movie just added it to my watch list i don't like musicals but i like this i like i i like like musicals when they're amazing this is this is this is a fucking phenomenal movie yeah like i love pennies from heaven with steve martin one of my favorite movies oh also a musical and so that when when i like a musical i love it when i don't like it i'm just not interested so i'm excited to watch it yeah it's a good woman this isn't it isn't straight up dumb shit musical dumb shit like it's it's there's really something to it it's really fucking the i got to watch it yeah and it's right it's very of its time man like scott if the energy of it's like it youth in revolt that eero absolutely it's like it's the the good thing that hippies did all right well which was also by the way real quickly parody perfectly by mister show the s no man fucking of all time speaking of things we did yeah i watched a movie called atlantic rim resurrection from twenty eighteen directed by jared cone los angeles is under attack by monsters the mexa tempting to fight them are better armed than their persecutors and are so so are there creatures that's the weird.

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