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An afternoon thunderstorm low to mid nineties tomorrow stride with temperatures low to mid nineties I Terry Smith from the weather channel it's eighty seven at the KTRE to west side north side lex's weather center it's ten thirty one our top story acting homeland security secretary Cavell Kevin Magdalene and says the US is facing an unprecedented crisis because the number of migrants trying to enter the US have been staggering and has led to a humanitarian crisis more US forces are on their way to the US Mexico border the Pentagon says an additional twenty one hundred troops and support of president trump's immigration crackdown house Democrats are bringing a bill to the house floor to raise the federal minimum wage to fifteen dollars and a major East sports league is planning to host matches in Houston and other U. S. cities in two thousand twenty take a look at the market Dow is down a hundred and ten points S. and P. down six and a half points nasdaq down thirty six and a quarter point oil down a dollar sixty five at fifty five thirteen a barrel more Michael berry I'm Marjorie Martin on Houston's news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty K. terror H. the gun you already have your your your usual Kerry the one in your truck or you can rent one when you get there you go today even if for whatever crazy reason you don't have a gun on you top gun range dot com seven one three seven seven nine guns you'll like the folks who work there most of them are veterans as well so thank them for their service while you're there Top Gun range dot com seven one three seven seven nine guns you work hard for your home save for the future the damage from a flood coming financial devastation even just one inch of water in your home is enough to cause more than twenty five thousand dollars of damage flood insurance protects your home and your savings by helping to cover the cost of repairing your home and replacing your belongings don't let your hard work be washed away invest in flood insurance call your insurance agent or learn more let's mark Dr slash savings brought to you by FEMA and its national flood insurance program what if you had an additional two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in your checking account and retirement this is how much an additional social security a recent couple could receive by leveraging our best practices think about all the great things you could do with an extra two hundred and fifty thousand dollars call Scott man he's a fiduciary and a contributor to fox news learn how much more money you could receive in social security with our free social security analysis call one eight hundred six three six zero three three two one eight hundred six three six zero three three two learn the correct timing for claiming social security to maximize what is rightfully owed to you the keys to boosting your spousal benefits now and after you're gone how to avoid paying taxes on eighty five percent on your benefits plus how to build your own guaranteed income for retirement to guard against outliving your money for your free social security analysis be one of the first ten callers at one eight hundred six three six zero three three two one eight hundred six three six zero three three two or save money was got man dot com if you're over fifty with five hundred thousand dollars or more you may be effectively retired and just don't know it Floyd's Cajun seafood dot com where authenticity is everything over eighty.

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