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G T O P at 3 35 The U. S is hitting Iran with new sanctions as Secretary of state Mike Pompeo makes the case that undoing the Trump administration's actions would be foolish and dangerous. The Treasury and state departments have announced they've targeted a leading Iranian charity and several of its affiliates with sanctions for human rights violation. This, along with Iran's intelligence minister they come is the Trump Administration sinks to seeks rather to ramp up pressure on Iran before President elect Joe Biden takes office. Mr Biden has said he wants to return to improving relations with Iran. L. Pompeo is winding up his term as America's top diplomat with a visit to Israel that's raising some eyebrows. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praised recent peace deals between Israel and three Arab states. During talks here in Jerusalem. These agreements open up wonderful opportunities for commerce and economic development. These agreements are important to the whole world. In a controversial break with traditional U. S policy. Pompeo is expected to become the first secretary of state to visit a Jewish settlement in the disputed West Bank. Robert Berger. CBS NEWS Jerusalem 3 36, The U. S. Navy plans to re establish a fleet in the Pacific Ocean more on that now from federal news network, Scott Masi oniy, the Navy's concerned about threats from China and Russia and therefore is bringing back the first fleet. The service retired the first fleet after the end of the Vietnam War. Navy Secretary Kenneth Braithwaite says the organization will be at the crossroads of the Pacific and Indian oceans. The fleet will be more expeditionary relates to the seventh Fleet, which is also in the Pacific. The Navy recently re established its second fleet as well, which oversees and controls operations in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans..

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