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Why does it have to be labelled specific for black people for to make impact for doesn't have to be this. Is the black health plant like he doesn't have to be labeled black black black mortgage credit. It doesn't have to be labelled that for it to have impact in our lives and it's like why does it have to come pack. Also we you talk about what barack obama was facing. Things honestly couldn't be packaged as just this clan. Whatever it may be whatever issue the black plan. Because i would have watched curious black supremacy. But they would've lost their minds. Courtney you bring up a good point that makes me think of Body cams for for the police mama pushed back but he yeah to say it so that was one of the three that was you realize he said the way he said it to the community. Like civilians was this way. We can keep the police honest. He said it to police that so this way. If you know you're not doing any misconduct you have proof that you didn't do it. He knows how to be. He knew what to say right. He had just presented at the one way. Police use reimbursed. All we're not signing off on this ship yep messaging right is lying messaging works. He's like he said the same message to different ways to do different commute because he just went the way of just talking about well. This is just so to. Police can have proof. It's like when and why so basically i word doesn't mean anything. Now see how that works like. He knows how to talk. This is how diplomacy really works to say things to get everybody on board for the same idea and then also what i think. People don't realize and recognize that when policy is crafted deers research. That is done before. Ross is crafted so when it came to creating the aca barack obama and his his team of policymakers and folks who write legislation. they already knew and understood. That black people were underinsured. That black people made up the the demographic of the most uninsured or underinsured americans. They know that. Because that's how policy gets written there's researchers policy analysts that this groundwork before policy is even written so the fact that it's not specifically titled the black plan doesn't mean they don't know what type of impact is going to have for black people correct threat and that is a very segue to our next topic the contract with black america..

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