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To the embassy. We're joined right now on the Goodyear Hotline, By Alan HAHN MSG Network Nick's analyst, co host of Barton, Hot also with Cage's in the morning. Those air early warnings, Alan, How's your body clock doing right now? Yeah, It's been great tag doing Nick games at night and then waking up to do in the morning show and dealing with Keyshawn and his Lakers on any time the Knicks win. He forgets that there was an NBA game, but if they lose all of a sudden, we gotta get a full breakdown. So there's that on top of the anxiety, of course of the Knicks in the playoffs for the first time in eight years. But, you know, I mean, I guess I can sleep at some other point, but it's been a lot of fun, though. I spent a lot of fun. No, it's no good. You did a great job, great toe to listen to a little bit. So Allen, speaking of the of the Knicks, Get to the playoffs. They get that first win, treated like an NBA championship out of the streets, even though they had home court stolen from them, but what they feel like they've been kind of a mess the last game Or two. What do you see from them? First of all, I like the Loki shade you just through there about how they're celebrating the first playoff win out the streets, even though their day they already lost home court advantage. I mean, what a backhanded slap! Hey, Welcome to the show. Your team sucks like a like this is the first playoff win in eight years. You give these people a break like they had a blast in the building. It was also coming out of pandemic. We're all together again. It's family as fans. So, Yeah, Okay. Maybe they went a little over the top seventh Heaven on a Wednesday night, but it is New York City. With that being said, Yeah, the team socks like they're in a mess Right now. It's just they're nothing what they look like during the regular season. Mainly because defense was their staple, and they can't stop a nosebleed. They can't stop Trey young at all in the pick and roll. They struggling with it, And that's been maddening Tow watch, but more maddening is There's their star player this year. Julius Randle can't make a shot and you could credit a lot of defense and they they've been throwing length Adam, which he struggles with, but we said this the other night, and it bears repeating. With Derrick Rose is doing in this series shows you what a former M V P is all about, Well Julius Randle is doing in this series shows you what the difference mean M v P and most improved player that's that's the difference, you know, and I think Julius is going to start feeling the heat. Speaking in New York, If you know if he comes out of this series, shooting the way he's shooting under 30% now at this point He's got to get it done, and it's got to start today or all the good feelings that he was with rose petals and everything else about this year. That's gonna go away quickly. I'm fascinated by this Knicks fan beef with Trey Young and just how it continues to escalate to talk about involving. It just feels like it's It's reached a different level. Is this gonna be something we've seen for years to come? Sort of this beef between Trey Young and the Nixon? I mean, what do you think about that? Yeah. I mean, I think because he's responding to it. I'm sure it'll always now be a thing whenever he comes to the garden. Uh, you know, look, you put his finger up overs overs mouth after making that runner after Game one, You know, tell anybody should let me tell you some New York is going to be shushed. Don't tell us their shushed. The last thing we can do it to you guys can tell. So you know that that that that in itself that moment that shot him doing that. Yes, the chanting part. Listen, if I can know the spitting thing that's not acceptable. We all know that That's not acceptable. That idiot that did that. You know, that's not really what it's about. I'm glad he got banned, thrown out. Never come back again, not a season ticket holder but still won't be back in the building and shouldn't be. With all the other stuff. I mean, that's that's basketball like that's fun. We liked that stuff. And you know if he becomes this era's general version of Reggie Miller, you know that wrong with that, you know, we love our heroes. But we love villains, too. And so it's kind of fun. These playing along with it. On. And if he breaks hearts with Syria's like he's been doing already. Yeah, I could see his next visit to the Garden next season having some noise Alan Hahn, MSG Network, Nick's analyst, co host of Barton Han. And also with K. J Z joining us here Sunday morning. That shit Mart Metcalfe on ESPN radio back to Julius Randle here. I know they've said Hey, we just need him to be Julius. We just need to unlock him a little bit. What? What are the Hawks doing? What is he not doing? What needs to change here? A little of both might be in his head. You know that could happen. Game one. You could just see the first couple of shots were good looks for him and they just were, you know, off to the left a little bit like he just wasn't calibrated was a week off between games for him. And maybe he got a rhythm. So you you know, you gave it a pass, but You know, the Hawks change what they were doing. They had to have its 37 a game against them in the regular season. He was he torched John Collins. I mean, torched him. He scored more points against John Collins and any other player in the league this season. So you know they had to change something. And they did is that a DeAndre hunters guarding him, which he's got more length. He's a better defender and B When Collins is guarding him, Clint Capela is somewhere nearby. Always making sure there's a wall to be put up. Danilo Culinary actually off the bench has done a fantastic job against him, and he's not known to be a defender. But he's 6 10 with long arms, and Randall is not an explosive player. He's a guy that needs space and You know he can create space with size and strength. But he's not a guy that really elevates get over defense. He is struggling against the length they're putting against him and the pressure and they're taking away. His first pass, which normally is Reggie Bullock, who's been become a fantastic three point shooter. So that in a nutshell. What they're doing, how they stop it or how they figure it out. They've had They've had some days off to figure it out. They couldn't for Game three. They had one day off before Game four. I'd want to see what they try to do in this game to get him going. With the Knicks basically building the pro version of the Kentucky Wildcats and all the former guys. There has been a lot of buzz about Carlin, Carlin, many towns and Devin Booker. In your opinion. How many stars does this team need to add before? They're legit contender? Definitely. Yeah, it is a great question. They definitely need Another right? Like they definitely need us. Another guy? No, Derek Rose is later in his career. But that's what he showed you late in..

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