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To a body was discovered early this morning in a farm field southeast Brooklyn Iowa Rick Ron of the Iowa division of criminal investigation. Who says a suspect is in custody has. Confessed tamales murder had led police to, where he dumped her body Twenty-four-year-old Christian Rivera an immigrant failure United States. Illegally has now been charged with her murder, green Arrow's Tuesday on Wall Street the Dow closing. Sixty three points higher Fox News fair and balanced Gag Leonardi. NewsRadio eight ten and one zero. Three one w. g. y. low-cost carrier Allegiant airlines will be coming to Albany mid December with service to three major airports Fort, Myers, punt. A Gorda Tampa Saint Petersburg Orlando Sanford CEO John O'Donnell says they've been talking to Elision for some time finally reached a daily sites airline caused it came down to a, level that was, acceptable it was cost it costs because they knew our, market was here they always know. Mark this here because we number, of people we, put in Florida So I think they they decided they may decision to, come and they stuck, to it initially plans to offer three flights per week to each destination but if all goes well. And there are people in the seats those flights will become daily, a climb to. The top of the, f. at the Empire State plaza results in charges for four people troopers say the four. Men hop defense to sneak into a, construction site climbed scaffolding to the, roof, of the egg and that two of them tagged the roof, with spray paint graffiti was left on an, area of the eggs. Roof. Which is being redone the accused all have local addresses and they're all between the ages of twenty eight.

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