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Make you know the adjustments so with the offense when you have a versatile player like a kevin durant so it's just not as simple as well double team get the ball out of his hands. Okay at times you can but jeff green was hitting knocking down shot. I know joe hair struggle from behind the three point line but that young man if he got hot could hurt you so i think you have to change up. The defense is when you play against a guy like kevin durant to not allow him to get comfortable once again. Steve nash has been great. I think it's not a dilemma. I think he he has the ability with a kevin durant. Unlike a lot of other superstars in his like janas janas. He's one dimensional in regards to what you can do with them. Offensively kevin durant is not so it's more challenging to double team and take the ball out of his hands. That's fair you know i. It's i was saying this about milwaukee. Sometimes we just have to readjust our expectations. And that's okay like we. There's a lot of these teams And we look at them and then and you know this you draft people in football or basketball and after about three years. You're like not quite as good as we thought we. I look at milwaukee. And i look at all the brakes. They've gotten coli left. The east lebron left the east. The celtics unraveled hardens hurt. Kyrie's hurt a embiid's hurt. And i look at them right now. And i'm like you led by nineteen at half hardens having his worst game as a pro kyrie's out and you can't win last night like i think to myself jim we've now got a readjust. What we think about milwaukee. They're a nice team but the ceiling. I think is lower than i thought it was a month ago. Is that fair. Colin is funny because it's fair but at the same time this is what we thought coming in that because of the acquisition of drew holiday now in late game situations with with. Chris middleton and holiday that would ease the pressure on. Yon.

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