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From NPR news in Washington. I'm Laurie London. President Donald Trump has revealed his pick to replace former attorney Jeff Sessions attorney general Jeff Sessions who was forced out last month. Bill VAR will be nominated or the United States attorney general physician, I think he will serve with great distinction far served in the same role under president George H W Bush Trump made the announcement as he was departing the White House this morning for a trip to Missouri special counsel, Robert Muller and federal prosecutors in New York will be filing memos in court today detailing cooperation of President Trump's longtime fixed Michael Cohen Muller is also set to reveal more details about his Russia investigation and disclose what X Trump campaign chair. Paul Manafort lied about when his plea deal fell apart. The president is heightened his attacks on the investigation with a multitude of tweets just this morning employers pulled back on hiring in November. But the unemployment rate. Held steady at a nearly five decade low. The Labor Department's latest figures released this morning also show monthly wages increased less than expected. Mark hamrick. Senior economic analyst with bankratEcom says it suggests another interest rate hike on the horizon it likely remains on track to raise rates by a quarter of a point bigger question. What will it signal regarding the direction of rates next year? The Dow down three hundred ninety one this is NPR from news. I'm Brian watt. Richmond officials are moving towards transferring the management of the city section eight voucher and public housing programs away from the Richmond housing authority. He cuties khloe Veldman explains. See barren.

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