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You fired the shots would you would you say you were inside my apartment a South Carolina toddlers died in a freak car seat incident a coroner in Columbia South Carolina says a one year old child has died after being strangled by the strap on his car seat investigators believe the boy was placed in correctly in the car seat causing a strap to choke him he was found unresponsive in his car seat at his care takers home he died after a week in the hospital Jim chrysalis CBS said Francisco based food delivery service is the latest target of a data breach KCBS is Holly Quan daughter says he didn't notice until earlier this month that there was suspicious activity a foot which is why it's just a learning contractors and customers now but it doesn't think financial information was complete enough for hackers to start charging your card but it is suggesting that people change their passwords just in case the personal information of five million users may have been compromised this is CBS news. CBS news radio is your home for breaking news with our team of reporters around the country and the world we give you the coverage you can trust. what I have more family fun well it all happens at the San Diego air and space museum in Balboa park it's your best value for year round fun of course it's about fun with a purpose getting kids into spam right science technology engineering and math bringing on the future getting them tuned into the best jobs here at home in California is Sandiego air and space museum in Balboa park is where you'll find a world class collection of aviation and space history and the newest simulator rides to yeah I saw a lot of fun again fun with a purpose here's how to get the best value make the San Diego air and space museum your first stop in Balboa park.

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