Carole King, Jerry Coffin, James Brown discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show - 'Is 0 for 31 good?'


They did under the board what i did carole king right this morning jerry coffin to govern king ryan okay governor has said that this is his favorite song spectacular song apparently carole king you have to be in sorta have to be urban dweller to appreciate yes it's a city song but it's yet lab you'll song king and suggested that he right literature and had to tune in her head while she was out of course as geniuses issues that driving in the song from under when king said suggested my secret places the title because he the like the idea of having some sort of secret haven will you could just be a are and it was tied into his enthusiasm for west side story which contained several striking seen set on roofs now is the greatest fabulous yet but on under the board woken up on the road for two of their biggest songs yes so we have i wanted to talk about this as a story in the paper today there's two stories that i want to talk about one is about james brown or dear friend james brown james brown who was at the map a grad harvard grad him and became a fixture in sports television and has it great career and is a wonderful wonderful person who's nobody alive as a bad word about j b and this says that james is telling people now he has lost seventy four pounds since october salk tober november december's three january february march two six april may june so nine months seventy four pounds now he's big i think at his biggest he's probably right around three hundred because he's muscular in big six five right at twenty they said lost twenty 25 percent of his body weight zoos run and six five to ninety basic okay so that's a lot of weight that's a lot of weight and he said he he there some great quotes he said you know i've been battling this for say he was on our podcast with jason romano who i'm i'm unfamiliar with his ray romano son.

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