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And so anything from ten dollars to start to seventy three dollars a year and of course we have friends and family. Which is you and three other people for a hundred three ninety or so. Check it out. It's aftermath dot. fm and supports the show. We really appreciate those. Who support the show. Thank you so much so last night. I took the time to actually watch the harvest moon. It was beautiful and as i was glancing at it. I saw it at the corner of my eye. Something that i thought was unusual. It was brilliant brilliant light it was moving towards the moon and i thought that whatever it was it made the whole moon affair less beautiful more spooky. None not saying that. What i was seeing was flying saucer or an alien spaceship at it could have been. You know who knows. And then i thought yeah could be one of elon musk's toys anymore. You have to be careful not to be fooled by bright lights because they can be almost anything now in the sky is they're doing a lot of launches and see a lot of strange things spooky things appear in the sky. Witnesses have often been reluctant to report them for fear of mockery by others especially in the halls of government. These days fewer people are laughing. Ufo's and people who see them and identified flying objects unidentified aerial phenomena. That's what the government calls them but they have now been taken more seriously by. Us officials in recent years starting in two thousand seven with a small secretly funded program that investigated reports of military encounters. The program whose existence was first reported by the new york times in december twenty seventeen was revived by the defense department last summer as the unidentified aerial phenomena task force the department said that the task is mission was to detect analyze and catalog sightings of strange objects in the sky that could potentially pose a threat to the united states. National security service members were newly encouraged to speak up. They saw something with the idea. Being that removing the stigma behind reporting something weird would provide the authorities with a better idea of what was out there while it's been three months since the government filed their report about the u. a. ap ufo incursion. That was reported by our navy. The reports really gave us no idea what was going on. Because as usual the government's two faced and full of misleading answers when it comes to safety and wellbeing of people stories about strange phenomena continue and report suggests that these ufo sightings are increasing and yet the media has ignored them because the government is issued their statement. So the media's abandoned their interest in these matters in it's like the siding increase is happening but the media's put all of a citing stories on whole they used to be novelty now not so easily persuaded to put these stories on the air. The idea that aliens had frequented. Our planet has been circulated among ufologists since the post warriors when a polish integrate by the name of georgia danske claim to rendezvous with the race of kindly nordic looking venetians who were disturbed by the domestic interplanetary effects of nuclear bomb tests in the summer of nineteen forty seven. An alien spaceship was set to a crash near roswell new mexico conspiracy theories believe that vaguely anthropomorphic bodies had been recovered there in the crash debris had been entrusted to private military contractors. Who raced unlock and hardware. Before the russians could documents unearthed after the fall of the soviet union suggested that the anxiety about an arms race supercharge by alien technology wasn't mutual affair. All of this ufologist claimed had been covered up by majestic twelve which was a clandestine governmental organization that convened under executive order by president. Truman many many people who know ufo history of all this before and is crazy. It all sounds. This was our first attempts at disclosure and even though a relatively small crowd started listening there were plenty of scientists and skeptics. They're always here to say that nothing was there to be seen so most of these stories are just left a discernment now. We can say that for decades. Ufo alien stories have reached the point of folklore and urban legend. Hollywood hasn't helped either and there are a few newspapers news reporters at love to mock people. Who've been you've seen something in the sky but justice belong. There doesn't belong to anything here or in some respects. They're definitely a few people that are trivialize the subject saying well i don't believe in. Ufo's i wanted to bunk. Ufo's with thing is if you see something on identified to the sky. It's a ufo if you identify that it's not a ufo anymore so saying you don't believe in ufo's you should say as you should say. I don't believe that what i see in the sky that strange is being piloted by extraterrestrials. Be unrelenting denial of possible extraterrestrial alter terrestrial activity on this planet by the. Us government has precipitated and uninterrupted daleus. You've accusations acts of co intel pro and cover ups and other things and this contributes to conspiracy theories fringe speculations fo- scientists queries in a growing multitude of reports of unacknowledged encounters in abduction cases in addition the subjects. It's become so thoroughly inundated with obvious. Disinformation here's saying manufactured artifacts not only that but forged films hoax films videos of alien autopsies misunderstandings by the media missing information at added in applicable information again provided by the media and a myriad of other conflicting data which had made the subject hard to grasp for those who consider themselves. Skeptics are skeptical when you try to break through misinformation. Disinformation has always been wise to realize that no matter how smart you think you are if you are operating with erroneous ring complete information. You'll never uncover find solution any issue. So i find it so discouraging that there are certain individuals that tend to have a myopic view of what is around them and that they fear the idea of opening their minds to the new understanding of old ideas. There seems to be this willful ignorance that can be worn comfortably by individuals of different political and religious beliefs that contributes greatly to a dysfunctional and hypocritical society but the fight for truth continues and some people in places of power are giving subtle hints. That they know there's at least something to be said about alien interactions with human being. We go back in history. And we look at we look at presidents like truman or kennedy. Ford carter and reagan. They all told us every one of them told us that flying saucers were real. It.

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