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Siblings all furious, their brother who police say was armed robber was gunned down by a store clerk. The pair acknowledges that he was wrong for Roosevelt broccoli to try and rob the Dollar General on the north Gettysburg avenue. But they say the clerk shouldn't have had a gun at work. Russian and Juan Bradley say their younger brother Roosevelt grappling was the second of ten siblings killed by gunfire. I still don't believe it, right? At the end of the day, I don't believe my brother is dead. It ain't keeping it. And they're furious about how it happened. I've been in there. That's not a word. At the end of the day, that's not right, and she goes on to actually that was the best part that we cut off. She says, you don't go to work with a gun. Nobody should be going to work with a gun on them. And I thought, man, this is just hysterical. I mean, and while it's very sad that somebody is dead, but this is what happens when you go in your rob people. And this is why I always say an armed society is a polite society. But again, back to your calls, open phones across America, any topic, all good to me, let's go to Andrew and Springfield, Illinois, Andrew. Welcome to the program. Good evening. Love is when you're on enjoy the program. Thank you. Just a quick comment about this last tape that you played. And then I'll get to my other quick things. Of course. This is how warped society is today. There was a similar situation up in aurora, Illinois, where a burglar broke into a home and the guy had bars on the window that were electric. They had electric electricity running through them. And the guy got electrocuted and he had a heart attack and he died. And the family is suing the homeowner. This is how warped society is. If you're doing a crime, it's open territory as far as I'm concerned. You come into my house, you break in, you better be prepared because you're probably not going to walk out. But anyway, back to Biden real quick in the oil situation. Two things. He shut down the Keystone pipeline, correct? And also the beginning of the year told a last cut to shut down designated acres, millions of acres for oil research and natural resources may be natural gas and whatever might be available in that acre. Dedicated for years. Correct. So here's two situations right here and he will not change his mind on both of those issues because I believe he ran on that platform that he was going to shut down the Keystone pipeline. If I'm not mistaken. So even though we're in a crisis here in the country, I still can't understand why he just won't go back on and say it's an emergency. I know I said this. We need to take care of America. And the other thing I don't understand is we're the largest oil producing country in the world. And I always thought it was Saudi Arabia, but I looked it up and we're number one. So you might have been looking at figures from 2019 and 2020. Pre-pandemic, I don't know that we're there anymore. Well, we go to be a close second. Even so, my point is, why are we not taking care of us? America, we even from World War II. I mean, we help rebuild everything after the war was over. And I believe the only country that fed us back was Germany quite honestly. I don't think anybody else came as back. We're always giving money to everybody and I believe we should support Ukraine. This is ridiculous. I read today where Putin now has some kind of capability of sending a missile within three minutes to Britain. I mean, this is craziness. And I can't believe that the entire world is not going to get up in arms against Putin and attack Russia. I don't understand why we haven't done anything. We're sitting here and we're letting this guy just point his finger and do whatever he wants to do. And it's got to stop. Somehow someplace. Yeah, thank you for that, Robert. Excuse me, Andrew. I agree with you on a lot of those points. It's very interesting to see how Biden is reacting to this. I do believe that Biden wanted to take this as far as he could, literally pushing the envelope. And I think he's reached a point where today he had to say we're doing this gas tax holiday. This is a Republican idea that they claimed as a gimmick and now he's done this. And it's fascinating to me that, you know, what's next, you know, is he going to talk about Second Amendment rights? Because he's full of surprises. I think he wanted to see how far he could go because he didn't have this intention of maybe running again. So he's more concerned with these huge legacy moments in his administration. And this one is becoming a real black eye. I think he thought he could talk his way out of it by saying things like, you know, I feel your pain. I know what it's like at the pump and all these other things that he says and these platitudes and I think people say, you know what? No, nobody's buying it, Joe. We don't believe you. Where's your lunchbox?

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