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Okay. First things. First I read on the plane this morning that the woman who invented the Barbie named it after her daughter, Barbara and named Barbie's boyfriend Ken after her son. And I just want you to think about that. Sure. How awful that is. Wait, why if you are you create to dolls, and you name them Barbie and Ken after children? But then they're supposed to be married. I think that's so I guess that is weird. You know, Barbie is Jewish. Did. You know that? No. Yeah. It was like she named her bar. The woman who created it as Jewish and then I think it's a degree. She said the party was also Jewish which is so great. I think that that America. She got one over on him area. Okay. So another week in America with Republicans screaming like, a rabid hawk on steroids, or whatever, I don't even know. I can't even describe the scream that they make. It's like the alien from aliens, you know, when he's running down, the whatever she's running down the hallway Sigourney know the alien, isn't it? Whatever so all fucking still talking about border security. Meanwhile, three twenty one year old white men went on shooting sprees last week in three different states. We had five women shot execution style. While working at a Bank in Florida. A woman in critical care after being shot in the chest by twenty one year old white man in a hotel bar near Penn State thriller people died in that shooting, and then this woman summer Ernst Ernest was helping out who a guy she thought was her friend a twenty one year old white. I'm not saying any of these guys names, by the way, they're just twenty one year old white male who had been kicked out of his parents house and decided that. To order to thank her for her kindness and opening our house that t would murder the whole family, and then then he stole their car. Drove to another parish, which I don't know people know this, but Louisiana doesn't have counties parishes. It's true. Yes. Based on like, the fact that it was found it was a French colony. And so they do everything like how many miles are you away from church? So you live in like how many licks does it take to you get to the Senate to remember that little Kim's Harish? Yeah. So you can live in Los Angeles County. It's like Saint James parish say Landry parish Saint Mary parish or you can get into the fun ones assumption Paris. Feliciana parish. Oh, four shape. Parents Plaka Menes parish point Coupet. I don't know that why that doesn't have a parish name point Coupet perish Coupet. I am starting a new podcast. It's just called Aaron Gibson reads, the parish list of anybody wants to. So he drove thirty minutes away to ascension parish, France where you can go to perish and Louisiana. You can go to Paris perish. Okay. So what all these guys have in common? Well, they're all men most of them white. These guys are all exactly twenty one years old and murdered a bunch of women, and you better believe gun control is a women's rights issue between one thousand nine hundred eighty two and 2017 not only did the cure experience a trailing off of their fan base in nineteen eighty-two from nine hundred eighty to twenty seventeen were already unpopular in nineteen eighty two thousand seventeen. No, I just think that the fan based probably trailed off a little bell between those year between one thousand nine hundred twenty seventeen. Yes, they lost the popular Auburn Smith went through a rough patch. That's all sure. Okay. Oh, did you have some more stuff to save?.

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