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That's promo code CL, and S 50, get online with a game, stats, stats. Where the game starts. So it's funny, we mentioned the orange line being on fire and you know, that's unfortunate. It's fun to joke about. But there's something else that's orange and on fire in the NHL right now. And that is your Calgary flames. And I don't mean it's I don't mean, I do not mean that it's because they are the actual flames. I mean, they are actually, they are on day of burning. They are burning to the ground Evan. They are burning as we speak. I actually just, this is such, I feel like such a loser. As you were talking doing the read, I wrote down tweet orange line, dash flames. So I'm making a mental note. Maybe you can beat me to it as I'm driving here. Anyways, for those who do not know the flames are if there we go. The tweets are being made as we speak. The flames are on fire though. The flames lost Johnny gaudreau in free agency. And then, of course, the next shoe to drop was Matthew Charles being like, I ain't resigning.

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