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Because we all as salespeople there's always something you're like man. I don't know that really well. And you have to address it but you kinda don't want to and you hope it just other you know whether it's hey contract has this this thing that not every attorney's gonna love but there's a reason for it and i don't wanna talk about that and i hope the attorney just misses it. You know where it's better better to just say. Hey you know our contract has this in this. Why because it actually is going to benefit you and get out ahead of it. But i could see how that would that would hinder the sales if they weren't Weren't help ninety so let's get into membrane. And so that's part of your solution is member in so tell me a little bit about membrane and how. It's different from other solutions. So what i what. I visualized that the point was eight. Nine years back was a tool. That was very visual. And it guided the salespeople through the entire process and i to say sales process. I'm thinking about b. two b. complex sales cycles right a month or longer month to a few years maybe sometimes multiple stakeholders multiple milestones. One example was the one with the stakeholder by that was an obvious thing that sales people were missing in the sierra. There was nothing really saying that. If you skip this. So the visualization of the process was really my main focus in the beginning so member and i would say the a differentiator is that we. We've we create sort of a checklist on steroids so you can see not only your stages but also milestones since actions steps that you have to do and inside of those milestones. You'll we can also put educational content so sales enablement content like okay. Let's say the first step is a a research step. What does that mean like in your previous company of meant one thing but in this company might mean something else right. We want you to do research like this. Abc etc so you can have the sales leader in that step in a video. Explaining this is why we do research this way. This is why it's important and these are the main things you need to figure out unless you already know them. Really guiding Guiding is a keyword for us when we develop the each view needs to be visual and have guidance for the sales person. Stop you so you've built in a lot of the coaching and the training Kind of right into the product for your customers. Yes although we don't really built in so it's not like membrane has it all. I mean cookie cutter ready for you but we make it very agnostic of the customer or the customer sales coach or sales trainer will put that type of content inside of the tools we make the tool. Various economic methodology pulses but just enabling that content to be at exactly where you need it at the right points today. I think you're doing sales training. And then you'll get access to an lms like learning management system on the side after the training. Nobody goes there anyway. So you need to have it right in your face when you're working near deals.

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