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If you haven't heard fica coming down on various broadcasts for focusing on female thins during their broadcasts finding attractive women in the crowds of games and settling the camera on them in a sort of leering fashion and they've found over thirty cases in certain match coverage of the hot female fan reliance and we'll get into why i think choosing to show a broadcast via what we call the male gaze wherein the audience is shown what either the analyst or the camera person is attractive two or drawn to instead of representing the match as how it's happening is dangerous but i i wanna play a little something from well cain and why he thought it would be useful to spend his show ranking the attractiveness of female fans of various countries spain vits sarahspain adjacent fits with you and here's will canes programming idea from earlier fiba said we have to stop showing pictures of attractive women it's causing sexism so what we've done if you've moved it over the radio where we will now talk about which fan bases are the most tractive okay so i'm going to go off at so if you want to say anything real quick i would do it now no no go ahead is this the implicate you in anything i say it may not be your opinion but maybe i'll say some stuff and then you can react that i want to hear what you have to say and yes and then i will chime in and respond this is for people listening who may not get why there's a problem with analysts talking about how attractive women are in the crowd around the court or on the field with camera operators finding and focusing only on attractive women during breaks and that's because too often in society women are told that our primary value rest and how others perceive our bodies and our attractiveness and that can relate to so many other different things there's been people out in russia there's a group called the fair network antidiscrimination group that's been working to monitor behavior out around the world cup games and they've documented more than thirty cases of women being accosted in the streets by mail fans while they're going to attend games or surrounding games and they think it's probably at least ten times as often as that that's just the documented ones we've all heard about the many cases where female reporters are being groped and kissed and mishandled assaulted while they're trying to report from the games if you think these two things are unrelated then you're being willfully ignorant because the way that we treat women and the way that we cover women's bodies as totally eclipsing their accomplishments or the reason why they're being seen on television whether because they're a fan and they're passionate about the game or because they are competing is how we decide that their value in society is always about how they look whether they're trying to do their job that still means that they are there is an object for you to grope or kiss or whether they're watching a game that still means that they're they're as being for you to admire to share your feelings with the audience even as you filter everything else when brent musburger is talking about some hot chick in the crowd that's his job is job is to talk about the football game so he's choosing not to filter out the sexual thoughts he's having and sharing them with everyone even if the audience isn't all straight white dudes who wanna know what a seventy plus year old man about a twenty year old woman and it wouldn't be as damaging if it weren't always just about women sure there's times when people say stuff like this about men but we don't have a record as stoorikhel record of the way we talk about men's appearances having a tangible effect on how they're treated at their job whether they get that job how much they're paid whether they are safe there are so many ways in which we do this to women affects every part of their life that if you try to joke it off and just say everyone's so lame it's such an insult to say you're beautiful this is a compliment is the same thing we say about cat calling a women why do you care some man whistles or says something to that's a compliment that means you look good if you're in the crowd of a game you should not be subject to some analysts or camera person ogling you purely because you exist and you live in.

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