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We're reggie reasonably educated people and we're telling you straight out it's a life record record you can't you can't live the life you think you were going to on any of these drugs appreciate you saying that it is a life recor- i appreciate you coming on this show and i've heard you tell a lot of crazy stories. It was weird. I listen to you on gilbert godfrey podcast right here and and he opens up the show by telling a story of you and him having sex with the same woman in an alley. Did you remember that story when you agreed to do the colossal podcast or was it just like he dropped it on. You know it Both really but here's the thing on that whether he had an me or anything like that. So what there is not a story that you have heard. There's not an arrest you can find. There's a sexual as on that you mentioned going to hurt my feelings damage my reputation. I've one of the world all time. Worst reputations. I don't know how i keep a job but no. I certainly didn't tell me about that. But it's one of my fondest stories. I tell it all the time. It's hysterical hysterical. I'll tell you something about gilbert godfrey because he was one of the early podcast that i did. That guy was so informed. I couldn't believe like. I've known gilbert god. That's a pretty intimate thing to only a torso away from another guy so gilbert. I know each other a pretty well. I was shocked how much time he had put into research to do. A podcast with news. Pretty impressive awesome. It was awesome. Why do you think howard gilbert on anymore I stink as where when you say. What was the last time you gilbert was on. I have no idea. i haven't heard him on in years. Okay then. I don't know i would say a falling out but howard doesn't have some of the main guests and hang on that he used to. I would have had some some kind of an. He is shocking appalled by his own behavior on his own radio. Show talking to his own friends and embarrassing them and making them squirm He's years and years and years of he's come to the point that he wants to be the real howard stern and maybe we're godfrey did not fit into that. Were so funny together. I have another question about your recovery. Like they talk about a psychic change right from when you're fucking totally out there in the in the mass having a nice life. Do you feel like you had the psychic changed. You feel like people discount your psychic change because antabuse pay played a part of your story No i don't i don't know if that's the case. Sometimes i think it. But i think and then think. Don't go off this drug ever no matter what what people you no matter what you feel no appeal your sobriety cheapened and you should make it better by doing just on your own. Don't do it. i'm so that's what counts that the only thing that counts. And you know there are some people that You know there are people in recovery. That don't take pain meds after the dentist right. That's crazy right right. no i hear you. I'm not like that either. I i used to take a nyquil. Every time i couldn't sleep which might not have been the right thing to do but some people were shocked and appalled. People who get really sick will never take it. You know right now. I do know. And that's what is it. Twenty five proof or twenty five percent. Whatever it is. There's a boatload of alcohol in nyquil as well as other drugs it can give you a little bit of amnesia. The next day like what happened. When did i take that So i you know what i say. Whatever medicine makes you better in the sense of cures the common cold. Take it If you go to the dentist nations here take these painkillers. Although my dentist actually no matter how much pain. I'm going to be in an extensive. Dental work. Says tylenol tylenol three. That's what you get that will do and it does you know and anytime i want to go begging around joe drugs. 'cause i'm allegedly and paying. I've stopped my tylenol three now. I just want drugs and luckily it took a while but i don't ask doctors and dentists for You know like it anymore. When's the last time you wanted to use Do you mean anything including alcohol hour ago. Is it really like that. It's kinda like that too bad but I was far out in the boondocks over the state of washington. And i had to come back and i came back in the past really nice places. Drink like dive bars big fan. Gimme an applebees. Gimme a red robin and my heart racist so yeah literally an hour ago all right. Do you still do meetings or no no i. I don't 'cause i don't like him. I do like them. They become too long with permissions. It's now time for the first time for the seven and just a lot of people talking about things. That aren't drinking right right right right right. I hear you danny. I cannot thank you enough for this time. You've been incredibly generous. And it's and i and i i'm happy to hear your sober like i didn't. I didn't know you know what i'm saying like it's hard to to find that out because like i think you told the story on On one of those shows about hulk hogan and he said he asked you if you were sober and then he handed you a bucket of vicodin. And i couldn't tell i couldn't tell that story if you were sober now so i was like we'll see what happens with this thing. Well i gotta tell ya. Okay is a good friend of mine and we met doing promos for different reality shows. I had this disaster breaking each any ad. Hogan knows best or whatever it was and we're doing the thing and the joke is it's we're playing the theme from the couple. If you remember in the i couple Won an oscar those cigarette or cigar down the four. And the other guy. tony randall. Picks it up with an umbrella what we did there. And i flicked cigar out of my mouth and hulk goes to take this giant beach umbrella out of a table at a restaurant and it doesn't come fix so he picks up the whole cable and does the that was awesome. So i'm talking to him and he goes Are you sober now. And i was as a matter of fact at the time but it didn't it didn't he. Goes how about pills. Vans me a bunch of biking. And which i immediately took. And they're not as fun as they used to be but yeah. That's that's a very true story. And hulk is up those pills. And i am up those bills. Well good for you man and then the most fucked up story. I can't resist making you tell this one more..

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