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Listening to empowering talk radio right here with barb atoms john higgins joining me this we're talking the immigration issue this week and this week monday at was homeland security secretary nielsen starting out we will not apologize then there was a tuesday immigrants poised to infest our country this from the president and then once they abruptly reverse just a bunk argument sunny lapthorne to stop family separations signing an executive order to keep kids together we're signing an executive order but that my thursday we had his jacket i don't care to you and then friday no intention of doing anything and don't worry there's a red wave coming john wow what are we well you know i've said that you know his supporters in the beginning of the week that were you know cheering on what they were doing you know by one stay they had the rug pulled out front of from underneath them and and the way he was talking about his position now that it hadn't been compassionate and the beginning of the week i i don't know what that was supposed to mean to the people who had been cheering him on so you know the this is we're like watching craziness in in action and and the people around him clearly are not advising him in any way that is helpful to the country what he what what happens to him politically is one thing or another but you know we we pay the salaries of these people who were sitting up you know in the white house or the heads of departments and they have a duty to do what is best for the country and you know that ms nielsen is beyond total disaster having been in law enforcement i remember when homeland security was instituted because the departments weren't talking to one another and that was the way of you know making cia fbi and all the law enforcement agencies speak with one another share intelligence and and resources but you have to trust what the head of its telling you you can't you can't have somebody who doesn't know that the white people are in norway or that that these she doesn't know where these kids are and you know i'm wondering what is she doing in terms of national security she's botching this up so terribly i'm really concerned that we we are not prepared for anything and by the way when i looked up she was the special assistant when george w bush was president was notified that the the hurricane katrina was coming and she was supposedly in charge of preparedness we saw that worked out right and by the way she's norwegian i mean and it's not that she doesn't know it's the cheese being cagey and not honest and and and that has to stop you know we've allowed politicians to get away and sell us a bill goods get the job and do whatever they want which i think really needs to change you know as well but if you're in a governmental job in charge of a department or whatever you know you really have a duty to be telling the truth and if you can't you shouldn't be anywhere near that position well one of the people most behind the chaos and trump's hardline stance stephen moore one of our favorites rachel i mean this guy he was on his role in executing the travel ban on resonance of certain muslim countries which was very bumpy rollout and had a lot of legal complications there but you know what bothers me most about him is unlike other people in trump's administration even with all the chaos now with the immigration mess there's little to indicate his standing with the president has been diminished any and all that's creepy right and the other problem with him is he comes he was originally staff to jeff sessions so you got a guy's been whispering in the ear of two people that that really have major roles in all of this and you know anybody who gets in front of the the press and says the authority of the president shall not be questioned sends me into a you know into well we'd better be questioning everything you're saying and doing that because we don't live in a dictatorship or you know an emperor ship or you know some kind of crazy form of government with autocrats i don't know if you heard but as trump was signing the executive order on wednesday miller was actually sitting laughing on a bench in the rose garden statism disgusting i don't know what.

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