White House, President Trump, Congress discussed on Washington Today


Be noted more than one um by everyone up there that the entertainment for one of the nights was about pt barnum the carnival barker uh and politician in his own right who was obsessed with hoaxes uh that was their entertainment on friday night and as you point out the presents were poor cardi's he looked after 2017 on the policy side the white house did make some significant inroads with the courts the strong economy certainly on trade shoes and the tax bill right i mean as much as we obsess about v unconventional convention destroying tone of his presidency there is a significant track record here if you are a conventional republican you had a very good year that as much as the president has remade the image of the american presidency and his own um manner cut cut it from a very different clots from what was previously the agenda on policy has been a spectacular victory four um traditional establishment minded republicans in congress they have delivered an agenda after some very unfortunate myth start misfires stumbles collapses be they really have delivered on what they thought the voters for years i mean if it vis vis cannot be under sold um this cannot be oversold this cannot be understated just how much this congress sometimes despite the president has accomplished we're talking with philip elliott he is washington correspondent for time magazine and before we let you go.

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