Solar System, Adam, David Pestilence discussed on Tested - Episode 413 - Tantric Science - 8/24/17


Oh we begun the podcast by talking about a couple aaniversary is and there's another one of note it's a voyagers 40th anniversary mom thumb bomb pom pom pom pom pom that that that were not that night voyager the probe that is the first thing that we've ever really set out of the solar system can't be forty only forty is it only forty yeah wow okay voyager what into were both both sent and there's a pds ninetyminute documentary coming out of radio lab this week was on this topic where we are at an event a couple weeks ago a lot of the test a team with adam where um david pestilence from boing has been doing a reissue of the golden record that was on board of voyager one um replaying bits of that all of that human information that was encoded on that one day disc not as music but photos yeah just all link and all of this information like there's math sequences on there there's like etched onto the actual surface there's also and home there's mathematical map of where the earth is exactly so easy it's an eight of her serie really worth celebrating and i believe there is legal within about eight to nine years somewhere around there we're gonna lose contact with wager so you probably after the human race has gone extinct worried will still be out there on the board well sure about future yes we talking about vida okay not the board yet not the board well in in the nonchemical fiction yes it is no cheese uh even that's tutors.

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