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For him to come out and say oh yeah we. We covered this up. We cover this up and you know now. I think it's time that we you know aired out. And he really doesn't deserve the spotlight that he has I think it's just flat out crazy if anybody actually believes this report Which i don't think anybody realistically does But i also think it's extremely sad on the part that has to take a step away from hockey took us away from the organization to rangers. Probably when they need them the most i would say right now and And that he has genuine fear for his family because he still does have family back in russia. And i think that's a huge partner reason why he's taking a step back to get away from like the limelight so that way nothing else incited But yeah no. It's it's ridiculous and crazy. What's happening to them. So i feel ridiculous ad firm. I guess yeah So you know. The rangers came out in support of him but something that obviously they would but something crazier is at the k. Shell said that there was no. They were never made aware of any incident And they said that the league would have investigated it which is nuts that k. h. o. would come out and say you know and there was multiple teammates. I think there was like four or five teammates that came out and together together. They said it and even separate interviews. They've said that nothing of sorts has ever happened. There genuinely confused as to what it's about. Yeah which is. I think pretty. I don't know it's just fucked up. How i think it's a lie flat out You know they say they know all the facts. But i come on you. Can't you can't have one witness or the girl herself. Come out and say anything about like i get. It's very hard for victims to come out and talk but like for clown talk. It's the costa said. Well yes the coach like. There's no other substantial proof like there's no other coach. Bff's with putin. Yeah and he's he's made multiple hip pieces for putin before so it's very clear what this was a. It's a shame that is happening now and with no timetable for win. Panoramic come back. That's the craziest part is we don't know how long this is going to go on. For what the extent of it's going to be and what's to come next..

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