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I don't know i mean i think they're all dead can't go see somebody who's dead you what maybe george strait that'd be that'd be great one yeah corinna is blake shelton or is it somebody who taylor swift money it's ring sam is it depeche mode well no i don't think so i don't think i would do it you would never sing on the radio not live i don't think because you actually were singing backup when i made fun of macklemore that time yeah that was not live which by the way rocked that was an awesome rap that i did i should probably dig it up carry live at one time sam did yes when when you were trying to do that that lion king thing and you had heard seen that one it wasn't singing no no corinna are you back who who would you sing for tickets for national insurance play taking phone calls very busy you think it'd be blake blake shelton here's yeah yeah i've worked with her for years i had no idea that she was a big taylor swift fan no that you should you should get to know us more take us not much here's one eight hundred three eight three i do plenty of people one eight hundred three.

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