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Earn your to WBZ newsradio will have continued updates and reaction to the cancellation of the running of the marathon joining us at five fifteen this afternoon WBZ radio Boston Marathon analyst Sharon Bob Donna with her thoughts on the cancellation the violent protests in Minneapolis in the wake of the killing of George Floyd while he was being taken into custody by police the city's famed Lake Street saw violence and damage the city of Minneapolis erupted overnight at least parts of the city did as protest escalated into violence in a shopping center in south Minneapolis several buildings were on fire or already destroyed we saw people looting they didn't seem to care that some of them were on camera meanwhile the justice department has released a statement saying that it is conducting a robust criminal investigation into the circumstances surrounding George Floyd's death Jeffrey gaze CBS news Minneapolis locally reaction to forge death including Boston police commissioner William Crossley commissioner tweeted by sympathy and condolences to the family of George Floyd grass going on to say he supports the decision of Minneapolis police chief to terminate the four officers who were involved Boston mayor Marty Walsh says he's deeply disturbed by the death and says his heart breaks for Floyd's family also says he spoke briefly to the mayor of Minneapolis after several days and several states a manhunt for UConn senior accused of two murders comes to an end at a truck stop in Maryland CBS's Laura Podesta with more on the capture of Peter Manfredonia Manfredonia family attorney confirmed he suffers from mental health issues it's going to therapy for years law enforcement credits the use of surveillance and social media for spreading information quickly leading to Manfredonia is capture authority said he will likely face state and federal charges Medford ore is accused of killing two people and kidnapping another vital three traffic and weather together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes that we ship it out by well not so bad this afternoon band things are pretty good on the expressway south bound coming out of the tunnel you will find reduced speeds down after Columbia road yeah you're on the brakes down past the gas tank otherwise you're good Boston to Braintree nor count is good all the way in route three south bound is clear fifteen minutes Braintree down to route fifty three that lower stretch of one twenty eight fine from sea wall pfam down to ninety five in canton and a good ride continues ninety five really all the way to the Rhode Island line nothing in your way there are delays on the mass turnpike westbound stop and go over a mile Sturbridge into Brimfield yeah that's ongoing road work out after the eighty four interchange to the north now the latest on route one we go to the mall for a insurance copter well it better way down through revered to check out a crash that it happened everyone does after the Senate votes at route sixty that is gone so all the travel lanes are open the work crews arrive before regarding the loggers are also guns of the lanes are open there things are doing pretty well at this point for the Tobin bridge four Topsfield Kristin Acuff offering insurance copter things are also good on route three in ninety three they're both fine up to the new Hampshire line and it's pretty quiet downtown for coming in to use the lower deck of ninety three the Tobin bridge store Dr they're all good miking with WBZ's traffic.

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