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Going to need a Mcflurry for dessert, Ia's kind of spicy for a limited time at participating McDonald. In Bolton Park on the 10 freeway westbound side just before you get to the 605. There's a fender bender in the left lane crews were wrapping up with that traffic is slow at Vincent much better now, on the other side of the six of my weakest minor delays from New Avenue 27 tended to get into Alhambra. Westbound side of the 2 10 Freeway just before you get to Citrus, four cars that are proud up in the left lane that's stacking up The driver's You come away from the 57 right now. The 60 is your best bet with no accidents. No delays. In your way. You've got problems on both sides of the 91 Westbound side, A Long Beach boulevard. There's a card that broke down that's blocking the right leaning that backs you up from cherry and then eastbound side of the 91. Did you get into Orange County just past the five Freeway. I'm saying it's a hit and run crash. They didn't tell. Switch lanes are blocked, but that drive is backing up. It's coming away from Beach Boulevard. So let me know if you see what's going on there. The traffic tip line is 888 505,003 and its alert on the south side of the 14 freeway just before you get to be a princess of the carpool lane to shut down. Is there clearing EPA crashed? The drive is pretty busy over out now coming away from Aguadilla Canyon back so from Agua Dulce Canyon, but better Once you get past the crash and make a way to the five this traffic aboard a sponsored by whole foods market prime members falls here, celebrate the crisp weather with a deal on organic honey crisp apples just to 69 per pound saved through October 6th while supplies last and start pulling out those pie recipes find even more peak season deals on the whole foods market app. All right. Thank you, Tony. It's 6 30 for the weather today. Sunny, hot, hottest day of the week. Oh my gosh. Temps the nineties triple digits, mid upper eighties near the beaches 76 Granada Hills 71.

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