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Up to $500 spent each billing cycle and 1% on everything else to learn. More visit city dot com. Um slash custom Cash 700 wlw Welcome back. Partly cloudy hot today high of 95 Tonight Clouds move in and and it's going to be mild low only of 71 Monday. The rain comes in, maybe a thunderstorm high of 91. Then it looks like rain in the forecast for most of the upcoming week 46 years ago today The boys that relocated to California, Texas and Michigan on all points in between, released an album called One of these Nights, and It Started a five week run at Number one on top of the album charts. These now It's called hitting a post. By the way. One of these crazy Don Felder, who was their lead guitarist, actually came up with the baseline in that intro. And as Glenn Fries said, all at least 10 15 years ago and asked, this is all about putting things off. Not getting to something. One of these nights I'm going to get that or I'm going to do that tomorrow or going to drive back to that restaurant and take that waitress in my arms. One of those things Once it hits off this album, I mean, you had this song Take it to the limit lionize. It really was the breakthrough album number 1 46 years ago. Right now. And as you know, I am very passionate about a lot of things in life. Music is one of them. Another thing I'm passionate about. Is the car I drive and the great service and sales that goes on at the BMW store right here in Cincinnati. Do you know there are over 340 BMW centers in the United States, but only one BMW store. Great door to door customer service Sales. Great experience. Just 10 minutes north of Cincinnati off. I 71 I've often said if you're riding through life You might as well ride through life in luxury. You'll always find that at the BMW. Sure. N c a. A Got the hammer drop down at this week. We'll get into that. Next on 700 wlw. News, traffic and Weather News Radio 700 w L W Cincinnati The death toll goes up in Surfside, Florida This is the 11 30 report. I'm Sandy Collins breaking now a news conference moments ago from the mayor of Miami Dade County as of today. One victim passed away in the hospital, and we've recovered age more victims on site. So I am confirming today that the death toll is at nine. Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, saying they have found more victims overnight in one victim died at the hospital. She says that rescuers are digging along 125 FT trench that's about 20 FT wide and that has allowed them to tunnel under the debris and find more victims. Traffic and weather together. Got some problems to tell you about heads up in Warren County. We've got a crash on north on 75.

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